Sunday, 9 October 2016

DJ Grizz- Luther Vandross Mix

Following on from my recent Change mix here's a little something from the Change vocalist that became a Soul superstar in his own right- Luther Vandross. The man with the velvet voice began as a backing singer for artists like Chaka Khan, Diana Ross and David Bowie to name a few, before having huge success with his debut LP - Never Too Much... and the rest is history!

Here's my personal selection of Luther faves including a live version of Never Too Much (he was renown for his live shows and I caught him once in London during the late 80's), there's Til' My Baby Comes Home, a fantastic version of Stevie Wonders Creepin', includes She Loves Me Back and ends on the powerful Still In Love... plus more magic to relive.

Catch you soon

Grizz- The Soul Mixtape Blog

Never too much (live)
Til my baby comes home
Its good for the Soul
Follow my love
Since i lost my baby
Dont wanna be a fool
She loves me back
Still in love

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