Thursday, 30 May 2013

SoulNRnB's White Label - Noughties edition

I'm currently having a cocktail on the beach. But I cant leave you guys and gals high and dry with no music to listen to, so here's a specially prepared White Label Special for you to enjoy whilst I'm on hiatus.

All the tunes here emanate from the noughties; All are somewhat rare or hard to get hold of; Some tunes come from BIG names, so lets see how many you can put your finger on eh?

I'm back next week, probably in a post holiday depression, so business as usual then!!

SoulNRnB's White Label - Noughties edition

Sunday, 26 May 2013

DJ Grizz- New Funk 13

As I sit here typing I do believe I can see the sun peering through the window and not before time in London! So before I venture out I better lay some New Funk grooves on you with Vol.13.

Includes the UKs Speedometer, perennial Aussie funkers The Bamboos, then from left field veteran funk godfathers Reuben Wilson & Bernie Worrall give us a killer from there 2004 Beastie Boys project CD, some Brazilian Hammond from Ari Borger, a seriously good track from the Alan Evans Trio (Alan being the Soulive drummer so impeccable pedigree there!), and finally a cover of an old rock tune by Charles Bradley (and you really must catch his Soul of America Documentary if you haven't already).

I'm off to the park to kick a ball at my budding goalkeeper son and will catch you in a weeks time although no doubt Mr S will bring you back an RnB present from sunny Mexico real soon.

Grizz On the Spot trio- Suction
Speedometer- Pucker Up
The Bamboos- Transcend me
Reuben Wilson, Bernie Worrell- Brass Monkey
Ari Borger Quartet- Acid Groove
Dojo Cuts ft Roxie Ray- You make lovin real easy
The Jive turkeys- The Funky Turkey
Alan Evans Trio- Authority
The Transatlantics- A man like that
Charles Bradley- Heart of Gold

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

SoulNRnB's RnB

Commercial RnB. Back in the day it conjured up thoughts of breezy danceable tunes and sample heavy steppers, all laced with some decent soulful vocals. Tunes that will get you nodding your head in the car or the club. Nothing groundbreaking, just good music. Artists like Donell Jones, Faith Evans, Carl Thomas, Kenny Lattimore; Groups like Koffee Brown, Allure and more.

Sadly, Commercial RnB today means an auto tuner and a house beat.

So this is a throwback mix to some of that good old RnB from the 90's onwards. I've purposely steered clear of all the tunes you all know and love; I've picked out some rare stuff that you may not know, but still has that RnB feel that's missing today.

Check out the tracklist for more info. Im off to sunny (I hope) Mexico next week, but will make sure there's a White Label Mix to enjoy till I get back. Grizz: Make sure you turn off the lights and make sure the gas is off before you leave!

SoulNRnB's RnB

Sunday, 19 May 2013

DJ Grizz- Bill Withers Mix

Time for another artist mix and this time a true singer/song-writing god- Bill Withers. Although found under the label of 'Soul' in your record shop he is an artist that transcends genre and appreciated by music lovers of all shades (even my old rocker dad would think nothing of putting on a Bill L.P).

Twelve of my best loved Withers tracks here (coulda picked 20!!) although a few of the more recognizable ones maybe missing they are all gems. Starts with the funky 'Kissing my love', then a Crusaders collaboration, some heart wrenchers like Heartbreak Road, Can We Pretend (ft Jose Feliciano), I'm Her Daddy, then Lovely Day- of course (a bit obvious maybe but never fails to lift me...ever), next- In the Name of Love -with Ralph MacDonald, and sublime but different tracks in Make a Smile For Me and Grandmas Hands to finish.

Mr S next before I get all New-Funk on you next week. 

Kissing my love
Soul shadows
World keeps going round
Heartbreak road
Can we pretend
I’m her daddy
I don’t know
Best you can
Lovely day
In the name of love
Make a smile for me
Grandmas hands

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions 107


The latest upfront mix straight from the platter.

Bit late on cover stars Moonchild's new single "Don't Wake Me", but better late than never. An excellent Soul/Jazz tune from this slept on group. Weve got new work from some big names: Jaheim's got a new single, as well as Chrisette Michelle's new track "Win" which I think is a decent RnB tune from her; Then there's Amp Fiddler's collabo with Dilla that was re-released in the UK for Record Store Day.

Add to that some new artists like Rob Milton, Empress Naima and Chris Chandler, as well as the return of Marc Mac's experimental Nu Era who's LP is out shortly and needs to be checked out by the more adventurous of you.

13 hot tunes that will get you bang up to date with all that's happening in music that's soulful. Ill be back next week with a great commercial RnB mix dating from the 90's onwards with some real treats on the track list. In the meantime, its back to the Maestro Grizz at the weekend!

SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions 107

Sunday, 12 May 2013

DJ Grizz - Soul Versions 2013 Pt2

I hope this Sunday morning finds you easy. Its time for our 2nd serving of soul n jazz cover versions of 2013!

We start with a Bacharach & David standard by Aretha, then a great jazz version of an Aretha classic, Dee Dee does Hall & Oates, Linda Williams channels Delegation, Judy Roberts covers the Ohio Players, Go-Go king Chuck Brown plays Herbie Hancock, a Lennon cover by Donny Hathaway and finally Jimmy Stewart mellows us out with some Minnie Ripperton.

Catch you soon Mixtapers


Aretha Franklin- You’ll never get to heaven
Bill Swift Trio- Daydreamin
Dee Dee Bridgewater- He’s gone
Linda Williams- oh honey
Judy Roberts- Sweet sticky thing
Chuck Brown- Chameleon
The Majors- It only happens
13th Floor- Sweet thing
Donny Hathaway- Jealous Guy
Jimmy Stewart- Inside my love

Thursday, 9 May 2013

SoulNRnB's #1 White Label

Here's this month's White Label Mix with some great music for you to try and name/discover.

Clues? OK, here goes:

1) Brand new music from a Latin maestro, and a sweet sounding soulstress.
2) Unreleased music from R&B royalty in duet form
3) Classic 80's ballad from a big voice
4) Rare 9th Wonder and a Slum Village warm up.
5) 70's soul from a legend, and jazz funk from a master.

Enjoy this white label, again feedback is more than welcome. The next White Label mix is a NOUGHTIES special with lots of rare stuff, so look forward to that in June!

Until then its Grizz with something for the weekend!

SoulNRnB's #1 White Label

Sunday, 5 May 2013

DJ Grizz- Soul Niceness 51

Another top draw helping of rare grooves and soul nuggets from the70's & 80's - its Soul Niceness 51.

We begin with Willie Wright- best known for his version of the 2nd tune - in its original form here from Curtis Mayfield, then the Curtis connection continues with a later Impressions cut. Archie bell and the Drells pop up as does the Mcrays with a timely summer tune and finishes with the '79 boogie classic from Inner Life the band that featured the vocal talents of both Leroy Burgess and Jocelyn Brown.

Back next week after the midweek maestro Mr S.

Willie Wright- I’m so happy now
Curtis Mayfield- Right on for the darkness
Impressions- We go back a ways
Shadow- I cant keep holding back
Archie Bell & the Drells- When you left heartache began
The 5 Stairsteps- Sweet as a peach
Fathers Children- Universal train
The Mcrays- Sunshine
New World Generation-Curious Soul-
Inner Life- I’m caught up in a one night love affair


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions 106

Brand new music, some soul, some Hip Hop, some retro goodness and more from some big talents.

We've got new music from Fantasia Burrino who has a new LP out, and an RnB tune from it called "So Much to Prove"; Youve probably heard the next tune everywhere, but its a great retro sounding mash up of Nile Rogers (His guitar alone makes the track sound like it was born in 1979), Daft Punk and Pharrell; And both Talib Kweli and Common give us some of that Soulful side of Hip Hop.

Then there's a current favorite of mine in the shape of The Endangered's "Milk & Honey", a cosmic soul version of "Everybody Loves the Sunshine" from Kan Sano, plus more from Byron the Aquarius and Freddie Joachim.

Some great music there for you to get your teeth into.

Happy Birthday to us by the way.....thank you to everybody that sent us best wishes, we appreciate it!......wonder what we'll be spinning in another 4 years?