Sunday, 31 May 2009

DJ Grizz Soulful 80's part 2

Only one thing can accompany an 80's Soul Mix and thats an 80's Soul Mix part 2! More of those early 80's grooves in the attached link, as always tracklist in comments.......

For those of you hankering after your upfront tunes SoulNRnB will be back next week with his RnB & Nu-Soul flavas. My next post will be back on the 70's rareness tip and i'll be diggin deep in my crates and on those dusty shelves.


Thursday, 28 May 2009

DJ Grizz Soulful 80's Grooves

A mix of some of those 80's grooves for you now. For those of you (like me!!) old enough to remember the early 80's soul scene in the UK these were the days when the Soul Weekender was in its infancy and black music pirate radio stations were just getting a toe hold (Invicta, JFM, Solar anyone?). The A-Team, leg warmers, ra-ra skirts, ghetto blasters, and the wedge/ jerry curl hairstyles were king.


Tracklist in comments

Monday, 25 May 2009

DJ Grizz Version Excursion Vol.1

6 old school tunes, 2 versions of each, 1 reggae and 1 soul...... simple as that!



Tracklist in comments.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

DJ Grizz Summer Chill Mix

As SoulNRnB is off sunning himself I'm left holding the blog. I've some real 70's and 80's Soulful n Groove filled goodies to post up over the next week or so keep checking in if thats your bag.

The sun is out in London and the weather men are predicting a hot summer in the UK so heres a mix full of chilled out old school tunes. Perfect for lazing with a drink in the park, beach, backyard or just sitting back with the windows open on a sticky evening.... heaven!


Tracklist in comments

Thursday, 21 May 2009

The Soul Mixtape - The Finale - Volume 5

5th and final Volume of the Soul Mixtape.

Hopefully, all volumes stand on thier own...but as a whole I hope it shows how soul has developed since the 70's through different black music genres.........blaxpoitation hip hop...Neo soul heroes such as Raphael Saadiq, Dwele and D'angelo....Unreleased tunes that beg the question "Why do they release that other tosh when theres this stuff sitting on a shelf?"....and british soul hero's like Omar, Loose Ends and Mica.

Finish like we started, with Quality Soul.

Im outta here for a while, but Grizz will hold things together for a while, Im sure he will treat you to some more gems from his collection like "Boom Boom Pow" from the Black Eyed Peas.

Thats a lie by the way.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

SoulNRnB's Rare Groove Special Vol.2

Volume 2 of my Un-mixed Compilations of Rare Groove's.

Rare and wanted tracks from the Heaven and Hell Orchestra, William Bell, John Simmons, Muscle Shoals Horns and more. No tracklist on trust!!

What with this and Grizz's mix we will have to rename Tuesday the 19th May "Rare Groove Tuesday"!

Getting more up to date this week with the Soul Mixtape 5 and more.

DJ GRIZZ Late Night House Party Mix

Grizz is back with some more rareness that you can just put on and get lost in that well known house party sound from back in the day!
So grab a can of Tennents extra, get your back up against the wall, turn the central heating up to 20 and get listening to the rare grooves and downtempo Choons! (That will probably all be gibberish to our Non-UK visitors...!)

Tracklist in Comments section, please let Grizz know what you think!


"This mix is for all those people who can remember all them house parties from ‘back in the day’. Occasionally held in local community halls where the caretaker turned a blind eye to the late late finish but , for the most part, usually held in some London Council Flat with almost all the furniture and sometimes even the carpets removed!

As the night wore on and the reggae DJs wound up it was time for the Rare Groove specialists to hit the decks. People got their ‘2step’ on and couples ‘Bumped n Grind’. See if these tunes jog your memories……


Sunday, 17 May 2009

The Soul Mixtape

All - Just a note to say that the fifth, and final, Soul Mixtape will be here this week with more rare and unreleased tracks.

You may have noticed that Volume 1 has disappeared. It seems that the upload was deleted by the host and I wont be reposting. So, get the LP's while theyre available as they will not be reposted once deleted.

And please leave comments, they are always appreciated.


Saturday, 16 May 2009

SoulNRnB Presents Nu-Soul Vol 2

Latest Volume in the Compilation of Nu-Soul and RnB including unreleased and rare modern tracks.
Tunes include Hill St Soul, Jasmine V, Omarion and more, all with a soul vibe and not an auto-tune, Lil Wayne or Flo Rida in sight.
Please to enjoy, and please remember to comment.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Latest mix from Grizz, some great dancefloor Jazz and Jazz Funk.

Loving the Gil Scott Heron and Kellee Patterson!

Tracklist in the comments.

Sunday, 10 May 2009


Visitors -

It takes a lot of time and effort to put these mixes and comp's together and run the Blog.
We ask for nothing in return but comments from you on each download you make. Some other Blogs password protect thier files, or even go private, but we want to avoid that.
Weve got so much in store for you: SoulNRnB Nu-Soul Volume 2, with brand new unmixed soul and rnb tunes. Grizz has got a Jazz dance Mix and a House party mix on the way. Theres Volume 5 of the Soul Mixtape with more rare and unreleased tunes. More Volumes of the rare groove specials. Plus were hoping to convince an past member of MELLOW MAGIC sound from the UK to contribute to the blog too!!
So please, take a min and click on the word "comment" at the end of each post and let us know what you think. You can even put requests/ideas in the comments of this post if you like.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

SoulNRnB's Rare Groove Special Vol.1

Unmixed Compilation of rare grooves compiled by SoulNRnB.

Featuring tracks from Sunbeam, Dexter Wansel, Two Tons, Coke Escovado and many more.

A great starting point for rare groove collectors.

First in a series of 13.....

Dependant on Comments!!!


Friday, 8 May 2009

DJ Grizz Presents; Mo' soul Niceness

The 2nd mix from DJ Grizz choc full of old Soul n' Rare goodies... fill yer boots and stay tuned for a Dancefloor Jazz special coming soon!

1. Perry and Sanlin- Off Your Love
2. Chameleon- The Game of Life
3. Teena Marie- You Make Love Like Springtime
4. Charles Earland- From My Heart to Yours
5. Build an Ark- Always There
6. Soul brothers six- I’ll be Loving You
7. Marie Pierre - Can’t Go Through With Life
8. Artistics- Its Those Little Things That Count
9. Dolly Gillmore- Sweet Sweet Baby
10. Debbie Cameron- Gimmee Gimmee
11. Dottie Pearson- Bring it Over Baby
12. Bonnie Pointer- Free Me From My Freedom

Thursday, 7 May 2009

DJ Grizz Presents Old School Niceness 1

A big Welcome to DJ Grizz who will be providing Rare Groove, Old School and Northern mixes and compilations for this site.
And he's here kicking off with a mix tape.
"The 1st mix from DJ Grizz, long time buddy of SoulNRnB and veteran collector of Rare Grooves, old Soul nuggets and jazz dance goodies.


1 Vise - Baby, I Love You
2 Anthony King - Filigree Funk
3 Frank Hatchett - Wishing on a Star
4 Gene Harris - Koko and Lee rose
5 Wilson Simonal - Mexerico da Candinha
6 A Taste of Honey - The Rainbows End
7 The Manhattans - Reasons
8 Lava - Give it up
9 The Royal Rasses - Unconventional People
10 The Melton Brothers ft Alfie Moss - Living in the City
11 Carolyn Franklin - Sunshine Holiday

Enjoy... Grizz will be back with more nuggets!"
Youll be lucky to find many of these tunes floating about!!! Trust Me!!
If you download, please add comments.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

SoulNRnB Presents: Nu-Soul Volume 1

No tracklist for this one....

Trust me.

Safe to say that there's New and unreleased joints from Maxwell....Chico Debarge....Angela Johnson and more......


Comment. (If you want more that is!)


The Soul Mixtape 4

Brand New Mixtape. Exclusive to this Blog.

More Soul...more rarities...more unreleased exclusives. Raheem Devaughns version of Al B Sure's Nite and Day!?!?!?

Whole set of rare grooves on this mix, if you can name all the intro's, show off on the comments. Ill be impressed!
Please Comment.....The more I get, the more Ill post. Quality Soul. ENJOY!!

1. J.A.M (Feat Jose James) - Jazzy Joint
2. Jazztronik - Pathways
3. Jose James - Parkbench People
4. Gil Scott Heron - Its Your World
5. Archie Bell & the Drells - Dont let love get you down
6. Phillis Hyman - Dont let it go to your head
7. O'Bryan - Doin' Alright
8. Aretha Franklin - It Only Happens
(Plus many track intro's for you to tax your knowledge!)
9. Al.B Sure/Raheem Devaughn - Nite and Day (Unreleased)
10.Chrisette Michele - What you Do
11.Ne-Yo - Lonely Girl's Club (Unreleased)
12.Reflection Eternal - Internet Connection (Unreleased)
13.Reflection Eternal/Erykah Badu - The Blast
14.Phife - Miscellaneous
15.Al Jarreau Feat. Phife - In my Music
16.RH Factor/Qtip/Erykah Badu - Poetry

The Soul Mixtape 3

Third Mixtape showing soul in all forms.....Melding the past, present and future of jazz and soul...A masters at work spotlight...Rare and wanted tunes like Rahsaan Patterson's version of "Ill go"....Joe's unreleased "God's Work"....All with one thing in common. Quality Soul.
A great Remix of the classic "Black Gold of the Sun" fusing New Rotary Connection and 4Hero too....and back to the 80's and 90's with The Wootens and Juicy and Miles Jaye!


01.New Rotary Connection/4 Hero -Black Gold of the Sun (SoulNRnB Remix)
02.I.G.Culture - This Love
03.Eddie Russ - Zaius
04.Black Magic (MAW) - Freedom
05.Rain a Lil Louis (MAW) - Give it Up
06.Patti Austin (MAW) - Like a Butterfly
07.Frank McComb - 24/365
08.Donny Hathaway - A Song For You
09.The Gap Band - Im in Love
10.Rahsaan Patterson - Ill Go
11.Case - Shine
12.Joe - God's Work (Unreleased)
13.The Wootens - Try My Love
14.Miles Jaye - Lets Start Love Over
15.Controllers - Stay
16.Juicy - SugarFree
17.Natalie Williams -Wash him outta my hair (Unreleased)

The Soul Mixtape 2

Volume 2 of the Soul Mixtape moves on from the first, still mixing old and new. Loads of Black Music Genres represented, all with that magical soulful element present and accounted for.

Unreleased Gems from Jack Herrera, Slum Village and Nicole Wray add to the enjoyment. Check out the Remix of Eric Benets unreleased "Better and Better" with Lalah Hathaways version. Now a Duet!!! (Her Dad is on here to BTW!)

Picks for me are the Blaze, Peggi Blu....damn...all of it!!!


01. Blaze - Here with Me
02. Al Hudson - Spread Love
03. Donny Hathaway - Little Ghetto Boy
04. Incognito - Where Love Shines
05. Jack Herrera - Herrera For President (Unreleased)
06. Eric Benet/Lalah Hathaway - Better and Better (SoulNRnB Remix)
07. Darien Brockington - Sacrifice
08. Usher - It is what it is
09. Bernard wright - Who do you love
10. Peggi Blu - Tender Moments
11. La la feat.Bernard Wright - We'll keep striving
12. Pharcyde - Drop
13. Nine Yards - Always find a way
14. Slum Village - The Hustle (Unreleased)
15. Nicole Wray - Cant get out of the Game (Unreleased)
16. Cameo - Your a Winner
17. Mtume - So you wanna be a Star