Sunday, 30 October 2016

DJ Ridym - Reggae Rockers 4 - Reggae Got Funk

Following on neatly from DJ Grizz's Reggae Got Soul comes Reggae Rockers 4 - Reggae Got Funk!
Bringing you a funk vibe with some tasty reggae versions of funk classics from Kool and the Gang with funky stuff, Two from James Brown in Popcorn and Make it funky followed by a kinky reggae version of the orgasmic Jungle Fever by Chackachas. Cynthia Richards and the Chosen Few gives us their own rendition of Billy Paul's Am I black enough for you and Brown Baby.

The mix turns from funk to soul and then signs off with a rare Lee Perry homage to the bandit character Cipreano "nobody ever pull a gun on a priest!" from the classic western Nevada Smith starring Steve McQueen.

Hope you enjoy and I'll catch you next time until then stay tuned to the Soul Mixtape. Peace

1. Shark Wilson and the basement heaters - Make It Reggae
2. Matumbi - Reggae Stuff
3. The Upsetters - Popcorn
4. Cynthia Richards - Jungle Fever
5. Chosen Few - Am I Black Enough
6. Derrick Harriott - Brown Baby
7. Chosen Few - People Make The World Go Round
8. Owen Gray and Dandy - Groovin
9. Dennis Brown - Message To Martha
10. Lee Perry - Sipreano

DJ Grizz- Reggae Got Soul 9

We've Volume 9 of Soul cover versions done in a Reggae style today..... yes its Reggae Got Soul 9!

The selection starts with Andrea L'amys spin on Rose Royce, Sonia Ferguson gives a Reggae hue to the O Jays classic, John Holt does the Chilites, Joy White covers the Chloe Martin Rare Groove gem, The Tamlins take on the Young Rascals and we end on version excursion by London Lovers Queen Janet Kay... plus more!

Enjoy your week!

Grizz- The Soul Mixtape Blog

Andrea L’amy- I wanna get next to you
Sonia Ferguson- Used to be my dread
Bunny Brown- Rock you baby
John Holt - Stoned out of my mind
Al Campbell- Natural high
Joy White- it has come to my attention
Rolando Alphonso- What does it take
The Tamlins- Grooving
Janet Kay- Thats what friends are for

Saturday, 29 October 2016

#TheSoulMixtape on Soul Cool Records

 No regular post from me this week, just a quick one to showcase our friends at Soul Cool Records who in turn have had a mix up from our own DJ Grizz recently and have another to come I believe.

They have an excellent selection of mixes spanning all the decades and all black music genres and have a massive following on Mixcloud.

Check out their profile here: 

 Soul Cool Records

and take a listen to Grizz's mix for them here:

As I said, keep an eye out for them as they've got another Grizz mix coming up, and we hope to work with them more in the future! Grizz will be back tomorrow on the blog with some Reggae niceness I believe!

Sunday, 23 October 2016

DJ Grizz- Soul Niceness 120

Hello again Mixtapers! Time for another instalment of the Rare Groove and Soul that time forgot... its Soul Niceness 120!

We begin with a 1979 Alfie Davison tune that was huge on the Northern Soul scene, there's a Ruffin classic, Cortez gives us a Rare Groove party anthem, a favourite and timeless mid tempo love song from Weldon Irvine, and we end on the big Soul hit from Lonnie Hill.... plus more dusty grooves to discover.

Back real soon!

Grizz- The Soul Mixtape Blog

Alfie Davison- Love s a serious business
David Ruffin - Gonna walk away from love
Rim and kasa- Love me for real
Barbara Mitchell- Take your time
Cortez- Girl ive been watching you
A Brothers Guiding Light- Getting together
Weldon Irvine- I love you
Micki Lynn- I got the blues
Lonnie Hill- Galverston bay

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

DJ Ridym - Rare Soul Mix 2

Well mixtapers I enjoyed the first one so much I thought I'd hit you up some more rare soul treats for your listening ears you lucky lucky people! This time around I have shuffled the pack and come up with some fantastic female vocals from Alicia Myers, Inner Life and Candy Bowman. Two from Luther Vandross in Charme's version of the Toto classic 'Georgy Porgy' and 'My Sensitivity'. Big tune selection with Otis, L.T.D, Beau Williams and Clausel.

The rest of the mix is just what the doctor ordered  and with winter drawing in and the clocks going back in dear old Blighty you can rest assured we got you covered here at the Soul Mixtape HQ.

'Til next time - Peace, love and unity.

1. Alicia Myers - Say Say Say
2. Candy Bowman - I Feel Your Love
3. Otis - I Love The Way You Love
4. Steve Shelto - Don't Give Your Love Away
5. Savana - I Can't Turn Away
6. Charme - Georgy Porgy
7. Luther Vandross - My Sensitivity
8. Kashif - Help Yourself To My Love
9. Inner Life - Make It Last Forever
10. Beau Williams - If You're Ready
11. L.T.D - Lovers Everywhere
12. Clausel - Let Me Love You

Sunday, 16 October 2016

DJ Grizz- Uplifting Soul 2016 Pt2

With all the turmoil, conflict, disagreements and uncertainty going on in the world I thought 2016 needs a 2nd instalment of Uplifting Soul Jazz and Reggae tunes. Tunes that make you take a deep breath, be thankful for blessings and grab life by the lapel and shout 'Lets go kid!'. Its Uplifting Soul 2016 part 2.

These musical messages of hope and positivity start with Bill Withers urging us to be the best, Marvin and Diana offers some light, The Commodores tell us about life, Barbara Mcneir gets us looking forward and finally George Benson reminds us its about Love! Plus more tunes to make you feel upbeat.

Have a good week Mixtapers!

Grizz- The Soul Mixtape Blog

Bill Withers- Best you can
Diana Ross Marvin Gaye- Ill keep a light in my window
Bunny Rugs- Let love touch us now
Jimmy Green- Ill be standing by
Commodores- This is your life
Marvin Gaye- Life is now in session
Lonnie Liston Smith- A song of love
Barbara McNeir- The best is yet to come
George Benson- Nature boy

Sunday, 9 October 2016

DJ Ridym - Lovers Rock 3

Hi mixtapers I'm back once again with the latest installment of my Lovers Rock compilations. This time I start the mix with the undisputed queen of lovers rock miss Janet Kay and her timeless classic  Silly Games. An anthem which has stood the test of time and keeps getting better. Janet is currently touring the UK along with fellow lovers rock ambassadors Victor Romero-Evans and Carroll Thompson with their Lovers Rock Monologues show mixing their songs with some comic story telling of those days when Lovers Rock was riding high in the UK reggae scene and which saw popular Jamaican artists such as Dennis Brown and Sugar Minott head to the UK to be a part of it.

Carroll Thompson, Donna Rhoden and Carol Gonzales firm up the rest of the mix and then I sign it off sweetly with a couple of recent productions in Calvin - 2am and Dean Fraser - Girfriend.

Hope you enjoy and I'll be back real soon with some more reggae vibes but until then be sure to check out DJ's Grizz and SoulnRnB.


1. Janet Kay - Silly Games
2. Donna Rhoden - I've Fallen In Love
3. Karen Dixon - I like Your Name
4. Carol Thompson - Hoplessly In Love
5. Carol Gonzales - Spoilt By Your Love
6. Teddy Lincoln - If It's Love That You've Been Looking For
7. Intense - The Very Best
8. Dean Fraser - Girlfriend
9. Calvin - 2AM 

DJ Grizz- Luther Vandross Mix

Following on from my recent Change mix here's a little something from the Change vocalist that became a Soul superstar in his own right- Luther Vandross. The man with the velvet voice began as a backing singer for artists like Chaka Khan, Diana Ross and David Bowie to name a few, before having huge success with his debut LP - Never Too Much... and the rest is history!

Here's my personal selection of Luther faves including a live version of Never Too Much (he was renown for his live shows and I caught him once in London during the late 80's), there's Til' My Baby Comes Home, a fantastic version of Stevie Wonders Creepin', includes She Loves Me Back and ends on the powerful Still In Love... plus more magic to relive.

Catch you soon

Grizz- The Soul Mixtape Blog

Never too much (live)
Til my baby comes home
Its good for the Soul
Follow my love
Since i lost my baby
Dont wanna be a fool
She loves me back
Still in love

Friday, 7 October 2016

SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions 2016 PART TWO

Part Two of my picks of the year as featured on has some great trcks from Thundercat, Kindred the Family Soul, Frank Ocean & Beyonce, Phonte & Erro plus some great Indie artists.

Hopefully you'll find something to  groove to, PART THREE should be here by the end of the year for all those asking about the upfront mixes. Be sure to check out #TheSoulMixtape shows as they often contain new tunes too.

Until next time, enjoy!

Monday, 3 October 2016

DJ Ridym Presents: Dusty Roads

Howdy folks DJ Ridym back again with another new selection where I'll be bringing you tunes from the beaten track but as it's my first foray into the unknown I've selected just the right raw combination of funk, soul and Jazz to get you to your destination...all aboard!!

Next up DJ SoulnRnB and the Grizz, one love.

1. Pacific Express - The Way It Used To Be
2. Shina Williams - Agboju Logun
3. Larry Youngs Fuel - Turn Out The Lights
4. Meters - Just Kissed My Baby
5. John Legend & The Roots - Hang On In There
6. Sly Johnson - I'm Talking Bout Freedom
7. Fatback Band - Baby Doll
8. Brother To Brother - A Love Of My Own
9. Funkadelic - I'll Stay
10. Darondo - Didn't I 
11. Bilal - Never Be The Same
12. Al Green - What A Wonderful Thing Love Is
13. Bob Marley - So Jah Say

Sunday, 2 October 2016

DJ Grizz- Soul Niceness 119

Morning Mix-tapers! Time for some more serious Soul and Rare Grooves from the shelves... its Soul Niceness Vol 119!

We begin with a break-up Soul classic from Roberta and Donny, next up some Latin Soul from Joe Bataan, we've some no-nonsense funky Gospel from the Sensation Singers, there's a great cover from Oneness of Juju, some heavyweight 60's Soul from Bobby Bland and we end with a Shalamar nugget.. plus more high quality stuff from the Grizz vaults.

See you in a weeks time!

Grizz- The Soul Mixtape Blog

Roberta Flack & Donny Hatherway- Where is the love
Joe Bataan- Call my name
Maureen Bailey- Takin my time with you
Gospel Sensations Singers- What a friend
Oneness of Juju- Breezin’
Jim Gilstrap- Special occasion
Mass Production- One more chance
Bobby Bland- That did it
Shalamar- This is for the lover in you