Tuesday, 31 December 2013

SoulNRnB's NEW YEARS EVE SPECIAL: Disco History!

Last post of 2013 and its something special to warm up New Years Eve!

Since Grizz and I did the DISCO SOUL mixes, we've gone a little light on the disco, so I thought id cook up something special. Light on the cheese, heavy on the soul, it includes rarities like Stephen Encinas - Disco Illusion, and some classics like Vance & Suzzanne - I cant get along without you and Rena Scott - We can make it better.

Grizz and I want to wish all our followers a happy new year, a healthy and prosperous 2014, and we look forward to bringing you more great music.


Sunday, 29 December 2013

DJ Grizz- Mellow Grooves Vol.20

After all the excess & the late nights of the last week or so its time to get easy like Sunday morning on the blog... its Mellow Groove 20!

Ten soul n jazz tracks to help you kick back and recover, starts with a Shirley Brown nugget, Major Harris gives us his version of the Blue Magic hit, Michael Henderson gives us a wind down delight, some Japanese acoustic goodness and finishes with jazz maestro Doug Carn with Jean on vocals plus 5 more laid back gems. 

Catch you in 2014 after Mr S... have a Happy and a Soulful new year!



Shirley Brown- Eyes cant see
O’Donell Levy- I believe in miracles
Marva Whitney- Your love was good for me
Major Harris- Sideshow
Jimmy James- Never had this dream before
Michael Henderson- Wait until the rain
Timothy Mcnealy- Easy Easy Easy
David Snell- Crab apple jam
Yuji Toriyama- Georgy Porgy
Doug Carn -Peace

Monday, 23 December 2013

The Soul Mixtapes Review OF 2013 PART TWO

Its that time of the year again. My soulful review of all that was good musically in 2013. First off, the elephant in the room. The mix does not feature the best LP's of the year, although there are tunes from most of them. Its a mix of some of my favorite tracks. I will be discussing the LP's below and recommending the best of them, but felt a nice long mix of the best of the year should be the way forward. So lets get on with it, press play on the mix below, and lets talk about some of those tunes.....

In most R&B lists of the year your gonna hear about 2 songs. Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" and Daft Punk's "Get Lucky". Never had much time for the Robin Thicke track, a "Got to give it up" knock off, but Daft Punk's liaison with Nile Rogers was a throwback to 1979, Chic Guitars and post disco dancability. The definition of feel good. But lets not forget the connection between the two tracks, the man of the year, Pharrell Williams.

As well as producing those tunes, he had a hand in Beyonce's Stealth LP, with the best track on there, the boogiefied "Blow". Then there's production work for Mayer Hawthorne, Daley, Jennifer Hudson and so much more. A 24 hour video for his Despicable Me soundtrack song. The man was everywhere. In a good way.

Unlike Mr Kanye West, who seems to have lost the plot. But hey, thats just me I think. Look at the Best of 2013 Hip Hop Lp's and "Yeezus" is at the top of most of them. It kind of sums up my disillusionment with Hip Hop at present. Where's the Soul? The genius sample's? The lyrical invention? Well, I found alot of that in my Hip Hop LP of the year, Rashaan Ahmad's "Ceremony", an LP full of that Boom Bap, great soul and Jazz samples, and on tracks such as "Guns" Lyrics that actually talk to current Issues, namely Gun Control. Other Hip Hop LP's that picked my interest were those from Tanya Morgan (Rubber Souls), Oddisee (Tangible Dream), and Black Milk (No Poison no Paradise).

We had Soul Veteran's release music to various degrees of success. R.Kelly's "Black Panties" LP is the musical equivalent of your drunk older uncle turning up at your 21st and hitting on your girlfriends. Uncomfortable. Especially with the true life "rumors" and "accusations". That SNL appearance with Lady Gaga made my eyes bleed too. Much much better was the release of Earth Wind and Fire's "Now, then & Forever", while not up there with their best, has a track in "Love is Law" that is very cool. Brian McKnight, Chante Moore, Kenny Lattimore, Donell Jones, they all re-appeared with LP's but none left an impression. Would be great if these talents took a risk with their music, maybe hired some of the up and coming producers to handle their material, rather than phoning it in which is what it felt like. On a more positive note, The Systems "System Overload" and Steve Arrington's "Higher" had some great moments on them that reminded you of why they were, and are, talents. Joe's "Doubleback Evolution of R&B"suprised with tracks like "Easy" and "Something for you", producing work on a par with that of which his fans love him for. But it was the UK's own Omar whose "The Man" LP really showed what an enduring talent he is. The second I first heard the title track, I had to have the song, and let me tell you that does not happen to me much anymore. With guests such as Caron Wheeler and Stuart Zender, the Lp is filled with talent and great songs and is a must purchase.

My penchant for Soulful House music needed feeding this year too and there were a couple of corking LP's to search out. Glenn Underground's "July 12 1979" and Nathan Adam's "Audio Therapy" both included some great tunes and have a couple featured on this weeks mix. But so do Louie Vega's Elements of Life, newly signed to Fania, whose double LP "Eclipse" is a great listen. Mixing latin rhythms, jazz, soul and funk, its guaranteed to make you happy.

So what about current signed and independent artists?

Ill be going through my list of the best 10 LP's in a moment, but need to namecheck some that didn't quite make the list but deserve a mention. Contributors to last weeks Review, Joanna Borromeo and Water Seed both released fine LP's. Both "Kaleidoscope" and "Wonder Love 2" contain organic soulful cuts, created by artists that really do care about the product. My pick on Joanna's LP is the slow burner "Outside" and really like Water Seed's "I'm Trying" which has a great soulful vocal and neo-soul vibe.

Bilal's "A Love Surreal" and Amel Larrieux's "Ice cream Everyday" both had moments of excellence. Bilal's LP started in a style more akin to his early work with "Back to Love" and "Winning Hand" before moving off into a more Jazzy and eclectic style with tracks like "Butterfly" featuring Robert Glasper. Amel pulled off a similar trick, with tracks like "Afraid", "Orange Moon" and "You dont see me" sating the need of old school fans whilst tunes like "Moment to Reflect" show a more experimental side with relevant lyrics and a modern style.

Other LP's of note included A great LP from Gregory Porter, a voice that can dissipate the worst of days; AB & 14k's future soul LP "Saturn Return"; Bembe Segue's Lp of Demo's called "Untitled" had more quality than many actually released LP's, and "Space Odyssey" is a killer; Independent Artists Dolla Lova and Severince released great LP's in their own right in "Fall for you" and "Hear to See". Check out their Bandcamp pages for more info; Don- E released the solid "Little Star" LP, a real return to form for the UK underground sensation; Haitus Kaiyote got "Tawk Tomahawk" re-released, signed to SONY, Q-Tip added to "Nakamarra" (Though the track didnt need him, as much as I love the dude), and a Grammy Nomination; Justin Timberlake released 2 LP's which had moments, but I feel he went with the wrong producer from his first LP (Timberland) and should have gone with man of the moment Pharrell; Underground greats Osunlade and Peven Everett kept up their high quality output; Reggie B brought the Future-Soul FUNK with "DNA" as did Thundercat with "Apocalypse".

But with no more ado, here's my top 10 list of LP's for 2013, in no particular order:

1. The Foreign Exchamge - Love in Flying Colors

After hearing "So what if it is" and the first single "Call it home" I was a little worried that we would get a FE House LP. Not that that would be the end of the world (Cause I dig those tunes), but I was looking for those great Soulful tunes that they excel in. And they gave us an LP of them. "If I knew then" kicks us off with Phonte sharing vocals with the great Carmen Rogers on a Jazzy Soulful track; "Better" feat Eric Roberson is a FE classic joint, the best of released this year is worse off without it; "On a Day like this" has a killer melody over a ridiculous BONTEMPI style beat; and the strings on "When I feel Love" are spine tingling. You can always count on Nicolay and Phonte and friends to bring some quality, and on this joy filled LP they did just that.

2. Robert Glasper - Black Radio 2

OK, admission. This LP isnt as good as last years "Black Radio". Having said that, its a consistently soulful, Jazzy experience. Maybe that element of surprise we had with last years release was missing, taking the shine off the LP. Whatever, its still a top notch piece of work. And how can it not be with talent such as Jill Scott, Eric Roberson, Brandy, Dwele, Lalah Hathaway (The version of "Jesus Children" is spine tingling), Bilal etc etc More R&B oriented than the first LP, but thats not a negative. At 17 tracks (On the Deluxe Version), you get more than your monies worth, songs filled with soul and artistry that strives for more than just a quick buck.

3. Omar - The Man

The truth is that the song "The Man" had me at hello. I was copping this LP no matter what. But when I did it was a real treat. "Simplify" is classic Omar as is "Come Speak to me"; "I can Listen" is funky in an old school way and there are really successful hook up's with ex Soul II Soul vocalist Caron Wheeler, and Ex Jamiroquai Bassist Stuart Zender. Soul, funk, Jazz and latin grooves mixed into a concoction that can only sound like the genius that is Omar. I do have one serious problem with it though. It took 7 years to get to us. I know good things come to those who wait, but Omar......your taking the pee. Don't leave it so long next time!!

4. Zo! - Manmade

A great companion piece to label mates The Foreign Exchange LP. Zo! is a regular collaborator, and Phonte and friends return the favour on this LP. His last LP, "Sunstorm" was our best LP of 2010 and whilst this LP doesn't quite reach those heights, its still a must purchase. The title track for example is a joy. Not only is it musically soulful and stirring, but the lyrics relate to our relationship with God and is grown up and thought provoking; "We are on the one" featuring Eric Roberson (Again!) is a funky 80's style jam that's dancefloor ready for those steppers out there; "Tell me something New" with Jeanne Jolly on vocal's is the most FE sounding on the LP and is a track that will set a shiver down your spine; and "Body Rock" with Sy Smith isnt what it sounds (An electrofied 80's dancer!), but a soulful, Jazzy ballad that of which we haven't heard for a good while. A real talent, Zo! delivers another solid LP that you really should consider picking up.

5. The Internet - Feel Good

Out of the blue came this killer LP from a Band thats been around a moment, The Internet. They co-produced the LP with Pharrell's colleague from the Neptunes, Chad Hugo, and it adds a little more sheen than was evident on "Purple Naked Ladies", their previous LP. The Internet consists of producer Matt Martians and lead vocalist Syd “The Kyd” of Odd Future. "Sunset" is a tropical vibed slice of soul; "You don't Even know" a goosebump inducing ballad; "Partners in Crime Part 2" ropes in organic Jazz funk instrumentation as does "Cloud of their own". All in all a real consistent LP, full of soul and Jazz, highly recommended and unexpected.

6. Eric Lau - One of Many

The UK's own Eric Lau brings the Boom Bap this year with an LP for Soul Lovers who dig Hip Hop artists like Dilla and the Roots. Vocalists like Rahel, Georgia Anne Muldrow (Another Mixtape Favorite!) and Fatima all lay smooth vocals over some great Instrumentation that will get your head nodding in a way it hasn't for a few years now. "Divine", "Everytime" and Neptunes like "Guide you" all showcase Eric's great production work and the songwriting is top notch.

7. Quadron - Avalanche

Talking of production work, this LP is probably one of the best produced of the year. Quadron are a Danish duo consisting of singer Coco O (full name Coco Maja Hastrup Karshøj) and musician/producer Robin Hannibal (full name Robin Braun), and they've been around for a few years now delivering their own type of electronic soul. The opener "LFT" sent me back to 1984 sound wise and is a great mid tempo groove; "Its Gonna Get you" also has that 80's sound, like if you stuck an 80's Stevie Wonder bassline on an MJ track; "Neverland" channels Leon Ware (Who they've worked with) and is a real shuffler; Coco O's ethereal vocal's really add a great element to the 10 featured tunes that sets them apart from other LP's released this year, and together with that aforementioned excellent production work builds an excellent LP.

8. Giovanca - Satellite Love

Smash some 70's Disco and Funk with some Rotary Connection/Charles Stepney sounding work and this should give you an idea of what to expect from this idiosyncratic LP. Next to 70's disco sounding tunes like "Lockdown", "No More" and funk workouts like "Bad Wishes" you get gems like "How Does it feel" and the Minnie Ripperton stylings of "Finally Yours". If you love your 70's soul, funk and Disco, you'll love this excellent LP.

9. Jose James - No Begining no end

What more can I say about this LP that was released at the start of the year that hasn't been said already. Dissected by others, we've all seen some of the great live work hes done this year (Like the iTunes Festival gig he did), and most of you probably got this already. Jose's best LP to date, filled with great Soul Jazz tracks like "Make it Right", but my pick is "Vanguard" which shuffles off some jazzy rhodes and made me stop the car I was driving when I first heard Giles Peterson play the track earlier this year. A real talent.

10. Lucas Arruda - Sambadi

An LP you may not have checked out. Lucas heralds from Brazil, and boy do you know it. A 10 track LP full of fun, sun and sand its a Jazz Funk treasure. Weve played the title track "Sambadi" many times before (Its on the mix too) but other tunes like "Tamba Part 1" bring back Memories of sadly departed George Duke's "Brazilian Love" LP. Then there's a great version of "Whos that Lady" to top off a great Jazz Funk LP that I cant recommend enough to those who have that inclination. Looking forward to hearing more work from this talent in the future.

And thats it. 2013. Some real great music out there, just takes some digging underneath the stuff that pushed onto us via the TV talent shows, Music Video channels, and what calls itself radio nowadays. Stick with us Mixtapers, cause we promise to let you know about all the good music, past and present, that we can.

If you agree, disagree or feel Ive missed something from the above, feel free to comment, hit us up on Twitter @SoulNRnB, or Facebook "Soulnrnb Grizz", or Google +. Have a great Christmas to those celebrating, Grizz back shortly, and Ill have some DISCO ready for you for the New Year Party celebrations.


Sunday, 22 December 2013

DJ Grizz- Soul Niceness 61

T'was the Sunday before Xmas.... time for my last Soul Niceness of the year -Volume 61!

Todays 10 old rare groove n soul corkers start with ex Chilite- the great Eugene Record, includes something soulful from veteran funker Micky Murray, Eddie Kendricks features, we've a cool 80's album cut from George Benson, and finish with a boogie track from Steam Heat... plus more.

Have a great holiday mixtapers and catch you in a week.



Eugene Record-Sweet insanity
Norma Jenkins- Love Jones
Lou Johnson- Crazy about you
Mickey Murray- I don’t know why
Jimmy Mack- a woman is so hard to understand
Zulema- I love you baby
Eddie Kendricks- Fortune Teller
Pacific Express- Funky sounds
George Benson- Use me
Steam Heat- Keep your eyes on the merchandise

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Soul Mixtapes Review of 2013 PART ONE

It's that time of year again when we look back at some of the quality music released in the past year. We've had big names contribute in recent years like Diggs Duke, The System and Ledisi to name just three and we've not let you down this year either.

Answering our questions this year are:

Omar Lyefook MBE: Legend. Do we really have to explain who this man is? Didn't think so. Safe to say he is a British Soul stalwart who has worked with the likes of Erykah Badu, Stevie Wonder, Caron Wheeler, Angie Stone, David Frank of the System and many more. Stevie is quoted as saying, “When I grow up I wanna be like Omar”. Nuff said.

Mark De Clive-Lowe: Mark's a musician and producer originally from New Zealand, and now based in L.A since 2009 after residing in London. He has been one of the key musicians in the broken beat and nu jazz movements, blending jazz, ethnic music and urban grooves into a his own sound. He has been involved with over 150 releases, collaborating, remixing and producing with as diverse a range of artists as Lauryn Hill, Jody Watley, Sy Smith, Sandra St.Vincent and the aforementioned UK soul legend Omar
Joanne Borromeo: Joanna released Kaleidoscope this year, an album lush with beautiful ballads and hypnotic, head-bobbing up-tempo grooves. She fuses jazz and soulful R&B and is a consummate singer/pianist whose self-expression comes from years of exploring the music of classical and jazz masters. Complimentary to that, Joanna's love for everything groovy under the sun (Motown, neo-soul, disco-funk, hip hop, latin music and R&B) has contributed to her unique sound, and we marked her out as one to watch in our Best of Review 2012 when she released the Through the Dark EP.

The Rebirth:  “THIS JOURNEY IN”, the bands first single, was released almost 10 years ago and became an underground monster being added to comps by GILES PETERSON’s Trust The DJ, and NORMAN JAY’S GIANT 45. The LP of the same name followed in 2005 and made our list of best LP's of that DECADE. Seriously, its that good. They've recently restructured the group with original lead vocalist Noelle Scaggs leaving to pursue a solo career. They now consist of Carlos “Loslito” Guaico,
Latisha Baskerville, Mark Cross, Patrick Bailey, Chris Taylor, Daniel Seeff and Nikki Campbell. Loslito, founding member of the group, contributes here.

Moonchild: Amber Navran, Andris Mattson and Max Bryk are a trio of musicians based in Los Angeles who aim to bring a new sound to the neo-soul genre while drawing upon other influences such as Erykah Badu, Bon Iver, John Coltrane and D'Angelo. Released in 2012, their LP "Be Free" became a hit with those in the know (and we've championed it!) and they've recently been remixed by the great Jazzy Jeff. The definition of New Talent, jump on board the bandwagon before everybody knows their name.

Water Seed: Originally from New Orleans, WATER SEED is a 6-7 piece band. Made up of Grammy winners, Major Label side players and accomplished composers, Water Seed has a free flowing membership which currently includes:
Lou Hill - Drums, Leader, Song Writer, Producer, Composer
Jeremi Crump - Keys, Song Writer, Producer, Composer
Cinese Love - Flute, Song Writer
Shaleyah Grant - Vocals, Song Writer
Anthony Duplesis - Keys and Vocals
Imari Adams - Guitar/Bass
Mykel Deveraux - Vocals
This year they released the acclaimed WONDER LOVE 2 LP.

That's the Introductions done.  Press play on the mix below of our best LP's of 2012, then read on with our questions.

1) Back in the day, compiling mix tapes for friends, family, or loved ones was commonplace. Here at the Soul Mixtape, we still do just that via our mixes for our followers. If you compiled a Mixtape of tunes from 2013, what tunes would have to be on there?


Nakamara- Hiatus Kaiyote

Her Favorite Song - Mayer Hawthorne
Treat Me Like Fire - Lion Babe
Retrograde - James Blake
Pretty Green - White Denim
Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark) - Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Is This How I Feel - The Preatures
Latch - Disclosure
So What If It Is - Foreign Exchange
The Art of Forgetting - The Stepkids
Alchemy - Moses Sumney
Oração Ao Tempo - Maria Gadú (released in 2011 but discovered in 2013!)


"She"- Laura Mvula
"Retrograde"- James Blake
"Broke"- Bear Attack
"World Without Your Love"- Emily Elbert
"Nakamarra"- Hiatus Kaiyote

Joanna Borromeo:

1. Make Me Lovely by Laura Mvula
2. Wildest Moments by Jessie Ware
3. Falling by Yuna
4. On A Day Like Today by The Foreign Exchange
5. Her Favorite Song by Mayer Hawthorne
6. Do It by Tuxedofunk (anyone else out there think Mayer sings on this?)
7. What's It Gonna Be? Busta Rhymes x Janet Jackson remix by Kaytranada
8. Q.U.E.E.N (feat. Erykah Badu) by Janelle Monae
9. Neverland by Quadron
10. Underway by Dexter Story
11. No Love Dying by Gregory Porter
12. Clementine's Nights by Maylee Todd
13. Rubberband by Derrick Hodge

Mark De Clive-Lowe:

Janet Jackson's If remixed by Kaytranada
Hot Music from my One Take series
Something from Ross McHenry's new album Distant Oceans
Layfar's Let Me Fly Away
Kid Fonque's Two Sides
Sandra St. Victor's Stuff Mama Used To Say
Kendrick Lamar's Rigamortis
Hiatus Kaiyote's Nakamarra feat Q-Tip
Feel Loved by Theo Parrish and Tony Allen
Chris Dave Drumheadz beats
Something from my big band album Take the Space Trane... there's been no shortage of great music this year!

Water Seed: 

Truth be told b/c we have been in writing mode for about the past 18 months I tend to shy away from really listening to anything modern. So though I have heard some really good new material I haven't really sat with any songs for fear of it influencing my muse. I like to stick to the classics when writing. Here's my list of tunes that I would put on my out of date mix tape.

Steely Dan - Back Cow
Herbie Hancock - The Triator
Jamiroquai - Use the Force
Mos Def - Umi Says
Quincy Jones - You've got it bad girl
Rapheal Saadiq - Love that Girl
Sly and the Family Stone - (You Caught me) Smilin'

2) Some say the LP is dead as people tend to purchase single tracks. We love to champion great albums and encourage people to purchase them. So what LP's of quality would you recommend from 2013?

Really like Bilal’s A LOVE SURREAL Album. Also like the new Gregory Porter, tracks like No Love Dying and 1960 what? Which had a great remix from Opolopo who have just remixed my track TREAT YOU with Caron Wheeler.

Joanna Borromeo:
I'm such a one-album-at-a-time music lover that I could go for weeks playing the same record. And I'll periodically take short breaks from it, only to return to it for another several weeks and that'll pretty much be all I'll listen to. That one record for me is Quadron's release, Avalanche. I compare my experience with the record similar to my experience with any Erykah Badu record post-Mama's Gun. For every one of those records, I had to spend time with the record before I fell in love with record, making it a go-to album forever for me. I love every song off of Quadron's new record that I'd be tempted to buy my friends a copy of it and say here's your "mixtape"!

Great albums are about consistency and not only do they kick ass live but White Denim - Corsicana Lemonade is one of the favorites.
Runner ups for the ability of combining ambitious records with its own unique style, strong songs and unanticipated rhythm and chordal movements underneath their production focus - II by Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Overgrown - James Blake, Tawk Tomahawk - Hiatus Kaiyote, Settle - Disclosure, Troubadour- The Stepkids

"Sing to the Moon"- Laura Mvula
"Overgrown"- James Blake
"Tawk Tomahawk"- Hiatus Kaiyote

Mark De Clive-Lowe:
Sandra St Victor - Oya's Daughter
Houseshoes - King James
Kid Fonque + Friends
Tommaso Cappellato - Astral Travel
Ross McHenry - Distant Oceans
NEXT Collective - Cover Art
Mark de Clive-Lowe + Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra - Take the Space Trane
Theo Parrish's Black Jazz Signature on Snow Dog

Water Seed:

I'm really feeling the new Dumpstaphunk - Dirty World, Clarence Johnson, III - Watch Him Work, Janelle Monae - Electric, and Tank and The Bangas - Think Tank

3) Championing new artists is another thing we like to do via our Street Sounds mixes, and getting them heard is a real priority for us. What new or independent artists/bands should we be keeping an ear out for?

Mark De Clive-Lowe:
Kaytranada, Ta-ku, a young singer out of Norway named Miss Tati and the one everyone should have heard about already - Hiatus Kaiyote.

People like Ego Ella May, Kevin Mark Trail, Sharlene Hector. Louise Golbey is another up and coming artist that I will be working with as well. I hooked up with my old schoolmate from Canterbury, Jesse Wilson of Positive Flow, we reconnected and I did a couple of the tracks on that album.

KING, Emily King, Bear Attack, Emily Elbert, Moses Sumney, Huxlee, Hiatus Kaiyote

For new artists, Lion Babe, curious how they will develop. The Preatures bringing a little Fleetwood Mac influence. Moses Sumney is as sincere and mesmerizing as they come. The young movement of highly skilled live playing, Haitus Kaiyote, The Stepkids, Dirty Loops, Thundercat, White Denim.
LA based labels Soulection and Innovative Leisure doing good work in launching new artists and producers.

Joanna Borromeo:
I recently got introduced to the music of Tess Henley, originally from Seattle.  Her latest album, High Heels & Sneakers, is solid on all accounts - everywhere from her soulful vocals to the production and songwriting. 

Water Seed:
There are 2 really hot groups brewing up in New Orleans. Check out Tank and the Bangas and The Honorable South.

4) Influences. Our mixes spotlight those who have developed our soulful musical taste from the 60's to the present day. Who has influenced your music over the years?

D'Angelo, Emily King, Erykah Badu, Earth Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, Bobby Caldwell, Miles Davis, Bon Iver, Russ Ferrante.

Quite a mixture of people, as I draw my influences from a wide range of artists from Level 42, Casiopia (Japanese Jazz Fusion Band, check them out!), Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye. Some reggae, Peter Tosh, John Holt, Dennis Brown, Bob Marley. Various UK Jungle too, sometimes I get some of my old rave tapes out.

Mark De Clive-Lowe:
Countless amazing artists from so many decades - Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Ahmad Jamal, George Duke, Charles Stepney, Marvin Gaye, Mizell Brothers, Minnie Riperton, Cal Tjader, Roy Ayers, Patrice Rushen, Ohio Players, Curtis Mayfield, Donny Hathaway, George Benson, Airto, Stevie Wonder, the Jacksons, Prince, Teddy Riley, A Tribe Called Quest, Digital Underground, D'Angelo, J Dilla, Pino Palladino, The Roots, IG Culture, 4Hero, Masters At Work, Roni Size, Phil Asher, DJ Spinna, Ge-ology and so so many more.

Joanna Borromeo:
As a kid, it was Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and a ton of classical music.  In my early teens, I got into Carole King and the Beatles.  Chicago during the 70s was a tight band too.  Alongside that, it was Janet Jackson, TLC, Brandy, Aaliyah and SWV.  Later on, it was Erykah Badu, Amel Larrieux, Angie Stone, Jill Scott, Ivana Santilli and D'Angelo.  Eventually, the floodgates just opened up and I got swept away by Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield, Donny Hathaway, Ahmad Jamal, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Brad Mehldau, Robert Glasper and Joni Mitchell.

There are many layers of influence but to name the top ones for the Rebirth: George Duke (R.I.P), Earth Wind and Fire, Pleasure, The Headhunters, The Meters, Patrice Rushen, Don Blackman, UK Acid Jazz movement, Tribe Called Quest, Rotary Connection, Masters at Work, Dilla, Oliver, MSTRKRFT, Justice, Foreign Exchange, Stereolab, Zero 7, Daft Punk, James Brown, Beatles, Little Dragon, J Davey, The Roots, Mizell Brothers, Grusen Rosen Productions, Inara George, The Sylvers, Singers Unlimited, Steely Dan, Queen, Pink Floyd, Bobby McFerrin, Brian Eno, Elis Regina, Buika, Jimmy Webb, Blitzen Trapper, Elliot Smith, Stevie Wonder, Jon Brion and Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell sprinkled in. (To name a few. lol) Actually, let's add Mizell Brothers, Queen, and Roy Ayers to that list. (I could go on forever). And, the list goes on even more once you add the more of the influences of each of The Rebirth band members.

5) Is there an artist, producer etc that you would love to work with?

Would love to collab with LIanne La Havas and that magical voice. Producers: Dave Grusin/Larry Rosen (wonder if they still got that early 80s touch), Oliver (most of the remixes they touch are on point, mixes are top notch and "All Night" is one of those underground classics we can respect)

Bobby Womack, Id love to work with, and also Bill Withers. They are classic songwriters and they haven't managed to get in my radar in terms of working together. I've worked with some of the greats out there and would just like to add them to the roster. Sadly its like a far reaching quest because I hear that Bill is not in the business anymore, but id love to think that what we would do would be big and that he'd just like to work with me. I saw Bobby Womack live last year and he was amazing.

Joanna Borromeo:
To work with producer Jeremy Most, would be really cool. I learned about him through Emily King's Seven EP.  Working with Janelle Monae would be great too.  Her attitude about everything is so inspiring.

Mark De Clive-Lowe:
Lalah Hathaway, Q-Tip, D'angelo, Jill Scott, Badu, Questlove, Herbie Hancock and more I'm sure, but at the same time, i'm excited about working with people who have no reputation or 'name' yet. sometimes that's where the really fresh creativity is at.

J. Most, 9th Wonder, Questlove

Water Seed: 

I think we would love to work with Stevie Wonder (who wouldn't), Ledisi, Lenny Kravitz, No Doubt, Prince, Sly Stone, Maurice White, Lionel Ritchie, Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones, George Michael, Rachelle Ferelle, Marcus Miller….I mean the list can just go on and on.

6) Lastly, 2014. What's in store for you musically? Any new LP's or tours that we should know about? And where can readers find out more about you?

I'm doing shows in Thailand in December, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, New Zealand, Australia, Bali and Indonesia so I'm going to be quite busy. I want to get back to the States as well as I haven't been there for about 4 years. Check out Omarmusic.co.uk for details or my Facebook page which is Omar Official UK, everything gets posted there. Also catch me on Twitter @OmarLyeFookMBE

Mark De Clive-Lowe:
I'm about to start work on the CHURCH album - named after my clubnite CHURCH, it's all about bringing together the jazz club and dancefloor along with soul, organic acoustic music, electronics and live remixing. there's nothing really like it. i'm on tour all the time and definitely looking forward to getting to more places in 2014 - i can't wait to get back to south africa as well as asia, australasia, europe and all over the US. i'm super easy to find online and really like that interface to be able to keep in touch with fans. the easiest way to find me is at www.MdCL.tv - there's links there to everywhere you'd want to check me out, but just in case....


Joanna Borromeo:
I'm excited to be getting ready to do another album, which I'm hoping will be done by March and planning another tour along the entire west coast of the US.  The best place to find out more about me is on my website, which is at http://www.joannaborromeo.com

We have recently completed a new full length entitled "BEING THRU THE EYES OF A CHILD." We're working out a release date for the early part of the 2014, and "This is Coming To" will be the launch single.  Follow us online for details to keep up with the upcoming releases and events; we're online at www.therebirthlive.com facebook.com/therebirth, soundcloud.com/therebirthlive, or www.twitter.com/therebirthlive

2014 will be a big year for us. We are releasing a new full-length album, and touring throughout the year. For more info about us go to http://thisismoonchild.com

Water Seed:
We have a few projects that we are excited about releasing in 2014. We are also starting to hit the road a lot more. We will be touring the NE, West Coast and Midwest in 2014. Check us out at http://www.waterseedmusic.com/

And that's it for Part one. Haitus Kaiyote are doing well aren't they? On nearly every bodies radar and that's before the recent Grammy nod! A big thank you again to all these great artists who have

contributed and shared their views. Make sure you check them out and support them, cause in the end we only get the music we deserve.

Part two of the review next week where I will be selecting my own favorite LP's and songs of the year and it will feature a special 90min mix of some of the best music released.

Until then, Grizz will sort you out for all your Xmas musical needs.


Sunday, 15 December 2013

DJ Grizz- Soul Party 2013 mix

Time to lay my crate diggin' credentials to one side and put on my 'party dude' hat! Tis the party season so here's a selection of 70's n 80's Soul Party classics to help you get down!

10 Soul weekender and club classics from way back when including Dynasty, Crown Heights Affair, Ray Parkers Raydio before he went all Ghostbusters on us, Shalamar and ending with that Caister standard from Billy Paul.... all-together now ''bring the family back, bring it back together....''.

 Mr S's end of year jamboree is nearly upon us & i'll return with my last Soul Niceness of 2013.


Dynasty- I’ve just begun to love you
First Choice- Let no man put asunder
Crown Heights Affair- Far Out
Instant Funk- It aint reggae but its funky
Mystic Touch- Get yourself together
Jerome Priste- Say you’ll be
Raydio- For those that like to groove
Jeffrey Osborne- Stay with me tonight
Shalamar- There it is
Billy Paul- Bring the family back

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

SoulNRnB's XMAS Street Sounds Sessions 119

Well, its that time of year again, and everybody is getting in the holiday mood. So whether you need a soundtrack for getting ready for the Office party, something to listen to whilst out shopping, or just an excuse to catch up on the latest sounds, this is the mix for you.

Some great holiday music on here from one of our favorite bands, the Rebirth, and their Xmas jam "Fat Santa" (Much more from them next week!) as well as a great tune from Ashanti called "Christmas Love".

Added to that, a fave of mine currently, RC & the Gritz feat one Erykah Badu who sings the hell out of Atlantic Starr's "Don't take me for Granted" on the tune "Leave me alone"; There's Dwele, Phony Ppl and some great soulful house from the UK's Nathan Adams.

Hope your enjoying the Xmas specials Grizz and I are delivering, but there's much more. Got part One of our 2013 Review next week featuring a host of artists giving you their picks of the year and much more. So dont miss that!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

DJ Grizz- Xmas Soul 2013

Presents bought- check, tree decorated- check, turkey ordered- check... must be time to put up my annual Xmas soul mix.

10 tracks of seasonal soul and jazz just right for the turkey carving! Includes 2 from Aaron Neville, The Jackson 5, some yuletide reggae from Sugar Minnot and a slice of choir led soul from Quincy Jones plus many more. Ho Ho Ho!

Catch you in a week after Santa SoulnRnB opens his sack!


Aaron Neville- Let it snow
Brook Benton- All I want for xmas
Jimmy Smith- God rest ye merry gentleman
Jackson5 - I saw mamma kissing Santa Claus
Sounds of Blackness- Soul Holidays
The Emotions- What do the lonely do at xmas
Sugar Minott- Christmas Jamboree
Louis Armstrong- Zat you Santa Claus
Quincy Jones- Handels Hallelujah
Aaron Neville- Louisiana Xmas day


Thursday, 5 December 2013

SoulNRnB's White Label Mix December 2013

Its time to kick off the holiday season with this months White Label mix.

As always, no track list, just great soulful music from any genre, any decade. Only as its coming up to the holiday season, we've got a sprinkling of Xmas music in there too!

Grizz back with his holiday contribution at the weekend, till then, enjoy your trip to the unknown!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

DJ Grizz- Soul Versions 2013 pt 5

Its December 1st -a pinch and a punch to all mixtapers out there! Time for another helping of soulful cover versions.

We kick off with the Mel & Tim gem covered with a helping of Hammond Organ, we've a big band Count Basie take on Booker T & the MGs, Nancy Wilson brings soul to the fab four, Richie Havens gives us his take on Fleetwood Mac, and we finish with a lovers rock version of a Matt Covington rare groove floor filler plus more!

I've got my annual xmas themed soul-jazz mix coming soon but next - SoulNRnB!


Reuben Wilson- A groovy situation
Sin - Just kissed my baby
Lionel Hampton- Turn back the hands of time
Count Basie- Green Onions
Nancy Wilson- My love
Joyce Leftenant- Its too late
Carmen Mcrae- Mr Magic
Richie Havens- Dreams
Malcolm Locks- Get up stand up
Wendy Walker - We got one