Monday, 30 January 2012

DJ Grizz- Lovers Rock Vol. 17

Well the filesharing drama has subsided for a while at least but I have a feeling we haven't heard the last of the it. So all the more reason to get in there quickly before the musical Mayan prophecy comes true and all the good music disappears in 2012. Don't forget any re-ups wanted from myself or SoulNRnB -let us know!

Back to the music and its Lovers Rock time on the mixtape today. Starting off with the lead singer of the In Crowd- Fil Calender, The Instigators, Janet Kay covers a Dennis Brown classic (although originally a 50's do-wop hit!) and Tradition all feature.

Back next week (hopefully!!) with more old time soul nuggets. SoulNRnB up at the weekend.


Tracklist in comments

Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Artists - Miles Bonny PLUS UPDATE

OK,  before we talk about this weeks Artists mix, just want to let you know that I've re-upped the Street Sounds Session from Vol 70 onwards (Volume 70 is a MEGA PACK that includes other Street Sounds mixes of the year); The Top 11 mixes of the 70's,80's,90's and Top 11 mixes of 2011 and 2010 (Both links on the 2011 post); All the Artist mixes; Nu-Soul Jazz; Soul Jazz SAMPLED; plus Nu-Soul Vol.2.

Thats not even a drop in the ocean for the 300 odd mixes we had on the blog, but best I can do. RIP to The Soul Mixtape vol 1-5, Rare Groove mixes Vol 1-12, Soul Show LIVE 1-4 mixes, Great Producer Mixes. Maybe one day Ill have time to re-up some of them, but ive got to concentrate on the now, and that means a new Artist Mix!

Who is Miles Bonny?

Miles Bonny is a producer, DJ, Singer and plays the Trumpet like his father Francis Bonny. He began producing music and started the regional hip hop website which helped bring media attention to hip hop artists. He founded groups and worked with other labels, soon becoming more acquainted with the New York independent hip hop scene, which informed his ability to later start his own label, INnatesounds.

In 2006, he released his 1st debut solo project, "Smell Smoke?". and in 2007 he released the "Closer Love EP" in conjunction with Melting Pot Music. Other LP's include "Incense and Wine", last years "Lumberjack Soul" LP, and work with Reggie B on "Doing my Thing".

Vocally, Miles has a real "Neo Soul" sound and his music mixes Hip Hop, cutting edge electronic Soul and Jazz with his ever present Trumpet playing. A real all rounder, you need to check out the mans work and what better place than the mixtapes own Artist Tribute mix. (His version of Raphael Saadiq's "Still Ray" is class.)

Grizz back with you Monday, Internet police and the USA permitting, and youll get another edition of Upfront Street Sounds mix from me.

The Artists - Miles Bonny

Monday, 23 January 2012



First Megaupload, then Filesonic, now Fileserve. All down.

This means that most of the previous mixes have gone the way of the dodo.

Hope you all got the ones that you wanted that were hosted on Fileserve. Will look around for a new host, so stay tuned. Let's hope this isn't the beginning of the end for blogs like this one.


UPDATE 24/1/12

Looks like a return to Rapidshare for me, will upload some of the previous mixes for you but can't do all. Should be normal resumption of service Friday unless there are more major upheavals.

Will say that this may be the last resort really, and that the blog will have to change (or worse, shut down) if these last fileshare hosts shut down.

Will update the actual post links with the amended Rapidshare links, so check the posts your interested in from time to time as they may get re-upped.

Any suggestions welcome, as are requests for re-up's of previous mixes. Post a comment on this update.

DJ Grizz- Kool and the Gang Special

With a bit of luck all the drama of file hosts being closed will settle down for while now and let us get back to the job of bringing you all the good music we have sitting around in our crates.

My latest contribution to the 'artists' series if mixes comes from Kool and the Gang. A band that throughout the 1980's were known for their slick pop-funk-soul sound but from their origins in the 60's and throughout the 70's were a bad, tight jazz-funk/funk outfit and its those LPs and tracks this mix brings you. Including tunes like Starchild, NT, Light of the Worlds and topped off with the quiet storm anthem Summer Madness.

I believe Mr SoulNRnB will be carrying the artists flag too real soon and I'll be back in a Lover Rock style next week.


Tracklist in comments

Saturday, 21 January 2012


OK mixtapers- panic over, I've signed up to Mediafire to host my files. I've uploaded my last 2 mixes - Soul Niceness 31 and Soulful 80's 14 for those that missed out but if theres any other older ones that you need re-upped then stick a request in comments and will oblige! See you Monday for our normal service....


Friday, 20 January 2012


You may be aware that the US authorities have closed down Megaupload following all the copyright heat hitting the fan over the pond right now!

Our support goes out to the Megaupload guys in their battle against the madness going on over there right now. Rest assured I'll be doing my best to source another file-host at the weekend where I can re-up some of my recent mixes and hopefully resume normal service next week.

Keep sharing the Soul Love


Oh, and it can't be that bad for business if this lot endorse it!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

SoulNRnBs Street Sound Sessions 72

OK, so lets catch you all up on whats new and Soulful.

Cover star Prince has re-recorded an "Unreleased" tune circa 1999 days called Extraloveable and if your a fan of his old sound, youll love it. Paris Toon gets funky, Jazmine Sullivan sings about her career, SWV return to making music, Algebra makes a real nice return with a new neo-retro sound, and Robert Glasper teams up with Miss Badu to whet our appetites for the new LP. Thats not even mentioning the great Baby Jaymes and the other famous miss Knowles.

Much more too, a real mix of music and various styles, so ignore SOPA and DL, safe in the knowledge that what you like, youll probably purchase!

No "going dark" for us like those lightweights at Wikipedia. were back next week with more goodies from Grizz, whilst ill be back with another artists mix.

SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions 72

Monday, 16 January 2012

DJ Grizz- Soul Niceness 31

Welcome to the new week mixtapers and my 1st Soul Niceness of 2012. As per usual its choc full of those forgotten rare groove and old soul nuggets.

Containing contributions from Deniece 'Niecey' Williams, Tyrone Carrs version of 'take me with you' (released at the same time as Lynn Christophers!?), souljazz legend Gene Harris and finishing with a cool cut from BT Express plus 6 more corkers of course.

See you guys next Monday... SoulNRnB keeping you right up to date, up by the weekend!


Tracklist contained in the comments section.

Friday, 13 January 2012

The Artists: Rockie Robbins

Underrated Soul Singer Robbins cut his first record in 1979, which was produced by Richard Evans and Johnny Pate, but the master tapes for this record were erased in transit to the record company, and the album had to be re-recorded. Robbins' self-titled debut gained some critical attention, and whilst it didnt set the world alight financially, A&M retained him for a second album.

"You and Me" was produced by Bobby Martin and the title track became his biggest hit. Robbins moved to MCA and produced 2 more LP's, "I Believe in Love" and the second self-titled album where they enlisted the skills of the SOLAR crew in additon to Richard. He recorded one last LP in 1991 called "Are you Ready".

Ranging from soul searching ballads, mid tempo rare groove two steppers, and uptempo dance cuts, Robbins was artistically successful in all of these areas, but was never rewarded with unbridled success. This mix showcases some of my favorite tunes of his, with the hope that some of you discover this artist and seek out some of his other work.

Talking of Rare Groove, thats where Grizz is exploring on Monday. Big thanks for his support of my fight to keep last weeks Street Sounds Mix up, lets hope next weeks one dosent have so much Drama!

The Soul Mixtape Presents: The Artists: Rockie Robbins

Monday, 9 January 2012

DJ Grizz - Soulful 80's Vol.14

Its back to the 80's for my 2nd post of the year and I've spent all weekend watching re-runs of Magnum PI and Thundercats in preparation.

The mix starts with an 80's anthem from Aurra, then another artist with a Slave connection- Steve Washington, blue eyed soul boy Ned Doheny does his version of a track best known by Chaka Khan, rare groove queen Sheree Brown features, and topped off with a later Whispers track (and fans of strutting should check out the vid on YouTube- Whispers gold!).

Next week I'm back on the Rare Groove trail. Finally big props to SoulNRnB who is refusing to let them take down his latest mix of brand new tunes. The clues in the blog title record companies.... these are mixes, we are promoting the music, new and old, forgotten and yet to be discovered!!! Get with the program!


Tracklist in comments

Friday, 6 January 2012

SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions 71

Back to Normal transmission: I'm gonna concentrate on the new music and the "Artists" mixes for most of the new year, so lots of music (Old and New) for you to investigate.

First off its a new Street Sounds featuring new music from our Twitter buddy Milan Ring with the great "Pay Day", husband and wife team Malice and Mario Sweet, the great production and beats of Eric Lau, Hip Hop from Cover stars Tanya Morgan and much more including one of the tunes of last year, "Halftime" from Amy Winehouse.

Grizz back with you on Monday, ill be back next week with the first of a few of those "Artist" mixes I mentioned earlier.


Wow - Fastest post removal so far. If you are an artist that does not want their songs Showcased on a Mix, then post a comment and let us know. We are NOT putting tracks here as standalone's to be downloaded, they are mixes, such as you would find on a Podcast or the radio.

SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions 71

Monday, 2 January 2012

DJ Grizz- Heavy on the Funk

Hello and Happy New Year mixtapers! I have the honour of kicking off 2012 on the blog and its time to shake the cobwebs off your dancin' shoes as we go back in time to lay down some of my favorite Funk cuts from the 60's and 70's.

We kick off with an all time fave of mine- the falsetto tones of Mr Renaldo Domino, Ray Camacho gives us his take on the Brass Construction classic, a heavily sampled Vibrettes and a Ripple funk anthem both feature plus 5 more rug cutting tunes to get you going after the holidays.

SoulNRnB back with his 1st post of the year before I return in 80's mode.


Tracklist in comments