Sunday, 29 September 2013

DJ Grizz- Soul Versions 2013 pt4

Its Sunday morning as I type this and I hope it finds you all easy. Time for ten more soulful old school versions of songs you probably know.

We start with an Aretha version of Bacharach and David, then a jazz cover of Aretha, Dee Dee does Hall & Oates, Judy Roberts jazzes up the Ohio Players, Donny Hathaway has his take of Lennon, and finally Jimmy Stewart's version of Minnie Ripperton plus 5 more great covers for your listening pleasure.

Catch you next week with my regular serving of rare grooves. Mr S up soon!


Aretha Franklin- You’ll never get to heaven
Bill Swift Trio- Daydreamin
Dee Dee Bridgewater- He’s gone
Linda Williams- oh honey
Judy Roberts- Sweet sticky thing
Chuck Brown- Chameleon
The Majors- It only happens
13th Floor- Sweet thing
Donny Hathaway- Jealous Guy
Jimmy Stewart- Inside my love

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

SoulNRnB's Rare Groove Volume 2

Volume 2 of my Rare Groove and steppers mixes. Time to dust off a selection of less obvious soul classics from the 70's and 80's.

Some real gems here, check the tracklist:

1.Googie & Tom Coppola - Family of Man
2.Patryce Choc'let Banks - Im in Love
3.Tomorrow's Edition - A song for everyone
4.Alfie Silas - Let me be the Love
5.Nature's Divine - Success
6.Haze - Love Rhyme
7.The McCrays - Isnt it deep
8.Scherrie and Susaye - Your sweet love
9.Alice Clark - Never did I stop loving you

Don't let the fact that you've not heard some of these before hold you back from giving it a listen. Discover good music!!!

I'm back with new music next week, keep checking the Mixcloud account for older mixes I upload from time to time. Until I see you next, Its DJ Grizz.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

DJ Grizz- 60's Soul Vol.18

Volume 18 in the series of mixes that goes way way back to the roots of the music, 60's Soul.

Ten old time tunes but high on musical quality. Includes Tamla's the Marvelettes, a doo wop classic with Baby Ray, the man in our picture Hank Ballard- one of James Browns regulars, some Hammond from Billy Hawks, the Funk Brothers instrumental version of The Supremes, an early take of an Isleys biggie, and topped off with a soulful homage to the Vietnam conflict.

SoulNRnB back soon with music on  his new Mixcloud toy and i'll catch you next week.


Kelly Brothers - You put your touch on me
The Marvelettes- Don’t make hurting me a habit
Baby Ray- There is something on your mind
Hank Ballard- Thrill on the hill
The Gospel Classics- More love that’s what we need
Bud Harper- Let me love you
Billy Hawks- O baby, I believe I’m losing you
The Funk brothers - Baby love
Isley Brothers- Who’s that lady
Mike Williams- Lonely Soldier


Friday, 20 September 2013




It looks like Rapidshare has finally outlived its usefulness. So I'm gonna start posting my mixes up to Mixcloud for you guys to stream at your hearts content.

Will start of with last weeks Street Sounds mix and continue from there.

Be sure to get hold of any older mixes before they disappear the way of the Dodo.

Keep an eye out for a URL for last weeks mix.


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions 114

Upfront Mix alert!!

Well, I say that, but you'd be forgiven for thinking different. Firstly there's cover stars Earth Wind and Fire who have a new LP out and we showcase the funky "Sign On." Then there's the plethora of retro sounding tunes.

Giovanca channels The Rotary Connection on "How Does it Feel"; Trombone Shorty gets all SLAVE like with his Raphael Saadiq tune "Long Weekend"; Sunni Colon goes all 80's and System like with "Thrill".

We've got Jazzy tunes from The Internet, Street Soul from Stacey Epps, and so much more.

Like conclusive proof that Robin Thicke has been "influenced" by Marvin Gaye. Preemptive suing. Classy eh?

Here's the Track List:

1.Iamnobodi - Maputo Dance
2.Robin Thicke/Marvin Gaye - Blurred Up.
3.Kaytranda - At All
4.Earth Wind & Fire - Sign On
5.Trombone Shorty - Long weekend
6.Giovanca - How does it feel
7.Stacey Epps - Lovelite
8.ClaudyKnight - Fireflies
9.Nikki Lynette - Sometimes
10.Sunni Colon - Thrill
11.Myele Manzana - Big Space Feat MdcL
12.The Internet - Partners in crime part 2

Grizz back at the weekend, see you all next week!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

DJ Grizz- Soul niceness 57

More rare grooves with the dust blown off them, today its Soul Niceness 57.

We start with a Bobby Womack dancer, includes some more 70's boogie from Mass Production, some European funk from The Limit, blue eyed Boz Scaggs, an EWF rarity, a instrumental gem from Roberta Flack, and ends with a Gladys Knight classic.

Catch you in a week mixtapers  
Bobby Womack- Check it out
Mass Production- Magic
Lloyd and the Joys- The New York business
The Limit- Pop
Rev Nat Townsley- Sunshine on my shoulders
Boz Scaggs- Jojo
Earth wind & Fire ft Sherrie Scott- I think about loving you
Roberta Flack- Qual E Malindrinho
Steve Parks- Sadness in my Samba
Gladys Knight & the Pips- Baby don’t change your mind



Thursday, 12 September 2013

SoulNRnB Crate Dig's again

Back to another selection of Jazzy, funky, and soulful tunes with breaks and beats you might find hiding under a layer of dust in your collection or in a record store somewhere.

Grizz was digging around in his collection recently and there was so much dust flying it set of his hay fever and had him crying like a toddler that dropped his ice cream for days!

Some real nuggets in this mix, check the tracklist out:

1.Pratt & McClain - Watchersign
2.John Handy - You Live, You Learn (I Learned In Love)
3.The Duncans - Let me Be
4.Odia Coates - You come and go
5.Chew - See the Light
6.Darrow Fletcher - The rising cost of love
7.The Caprells - What you need
8.Patrick Gammon - When Can I See You
9.Randolph Baker - Getting next to you

Personal Faves include the John Handy track, Chew, and the Natural Four's alike tune from The Caprell's.

Cry baby Grizz back at the weekend, hopefully a new Street Sounds Mix next week from me!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

DJ Grizz - Jazz Funk Vol 6

Back to the Jazz Funk Files for todays mix, its Jazz Funk Vol.6!

In todays ten we have included two Brazilian big hitters with Tania Maria and Ed Motta, a old jazz dancers fave from the original 80's incarnation of Incognito (big at the Electric Ballroom back in the day!), cover artist Jimmy Smith punches those Hammond keys, Willi Bobo brings the boogaloo, and we end with a jazz funk classic from the Crusader Wilton Felder.

Catch you in a weeks time after the SoulnRnB midweek thang!

Tania Maria- Funky tamborim
Ed Motta- Solucao
Incognito- Shine on
Pete & Sheila Escovedo- Bolinas
Gary bartz- Big Apple Love
Bobbi Humphrey- Fajehzo
Jimmy smith- Eight counts for Rita
Willie Bobo- Grazing in the grass
Michael White- In the silence
Wilton Felder- Lets dance together


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions 113

SoulNRuB here ;)

Loads of big names with tracks from new LP's on this mix.... Raheem Devaughn, Jaheim, Robin Thicke and John Legend. Truth be told, not a big fan of the LP's as a whole, but the tracks on this mix certainly fit the bill in my opinion.

Talking of "Legends", The Foreign Exchange return with the first single from their new LP, "Love in Flying Colors". We've got the B Side "Pity", that will not be on the LP, on this mix. Great independent tunes too, from Sulpacio Jones and New Zealand outfit Ladi6 representing too. Country mates Electric Wire Hustle have a new LP out soon too.

With the Foreign Exchange LP, Robert Glasper LP, and Slakah the Beatchild LP forthcoming, i'm keeping my fingers crossed that we've got some hot music coming up!

Anyway, check out the tracklist below and Download!

1.Ladi6 - Hold Tight
2.Sulpacio Jones - Feel Things
3.Arima Ederra - Old New School Love
4.Robin Thicke - Ooo La La
5.The Foreign Exchange - Pity
6.Raheem Devaughn - Make a Baby
7.Rebekka Maeland - Summer Feeling
8.Jaheim - First Time
9.K Michelle - VSOP
10.John Legend - Tomorrow

Grizz back at the weekend, SoulNRuB out!!  (I don't think the new name has the same desired effect!)

SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions 113

Sunday, 1 September 2013

DJ Grizz- New Funk 14

Welcome back for another helping of new bands grasping that old funk/soul ethos - its New Funk Vol. 14.

Todays ten starts with New Zealand's Opensouls (so that's rugby and funk they've mastered!), Lettuce do justice to Herbie H, Essex's own James Hunter brings his soulful growl to the mix, the Southern US is represented by Derobert and the Half Truths, the man who found fame in his 60's Charles Bradley features again, and we finish with a Rock Steady gem from LA-Latinos The Bullets.

Catch you next week, SoulNRnB up next- or SoulNRub as he was called recently!! :)

Opensouls- You got me thinking
Lettuce- Hang up on your hangups
Robert Walter- Snakes & Spiders
The James Hunter Six- Minute by minute
Derobert & the Half Truths- I swear im not a fool
Charles Bradley- Strictly reserved for you
The Chronicles- I can dig it baby
Funk Como Le Gusta- Forty Days
Lee Fields & the Expressions- Who do you love
The Bullets- Sun drenched witch