Friday, 27 November 2009

SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions SIX

With Volume 5 now a collectors item (Due to deletion), I would get hold of the latest upfront volume quick smart!!
Its a bumper edition to get us in the mood for the holiday season with 11 top tunes, so dont wait about!!
Tracklist in comments. It'll be December by the time we next post, so get ready for those Holiday specials coming up.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

DJ Grizz- Soulful 80's Vol. 4

We are really spoiling you this month with the 80's grooves. Heres my latest offering including Slave, Aurra, LTD and the mad bad Rick James! Stored up and ready to go between now and Xmas- Rare Groove goodness, 60's Soul and more Version mixes, not to mention Mr SoulNRnB's treats.


Tracklist in comments.

Friday, 20 November 2009

SoulNRnB Loves the 90's THREE

Volume THREE of my 90's mixes brings you Drizabone, Groove Theory, Chico Debarge/Joe and more......

Got more 80's coming up, a new Upfront comp and then some xmas specials with the Soul Mixtapes countdown of the top 10 LP's of the year, and even a top 10 LP's of the decade in the new year.

Hold on for Grizz!

Tracklist in Comments. Comments always appreciated people!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

DJ Grizz- Soul Niceness Vol 9

As promised, another batch of the rare stuff from deep in my crates. Contains Steve Parks, a classic from the Intruders, and a Northern fave of mine from Bobby Bland plus many more(note to self - must do a 60's mix one of these days!). Back next week with some more rareness and have another 80's mix in the pantry too! Mr SoulNRnB back at the weekend too.

Tracklist in comments!


Friday, 13 November 2009

SoulNRnB Loves the 80's ONE


Weve been neglecting the 80's recently, and I just wanted to address that situation with the first of my 80's mixes.

Rest assured, my 90's mixes will be back soon, as well as more producer mixes and some end of year specials.

In the meantime, stick this mix on and enjoy a Soul Weekend. Er.

Tracklist in Comments, and lord knows what Grizz has in store for you in the week!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

DJ Grizz- Jazz Versions

The last in the current crop of 'version' mixes and this one for the jazz lovers out there. Some corking jazzers here from Sammy Davis Jnr, Willie Bobo, Grady Tate and more. I've got some more version excursions on the back boiler but back to the crates for some proper rare grooves next week (after SoulnRnB's weekend musical surprise of course).


Tracklist in comments.

Monday, 2 November 2009

DJ Grizz- Funk Versions

Another bunch of familier tunes but this time in a down n dirty funk style. Fred Wesley, Vicki Anderson, John Lee Hooker feature along with much more! More SoulNRnB to come then Jazz Versions up next week!


Tracklist in comments