Monday, 28 February 2011

DJ Grizz- On a Jazz Tip Vol.4

SoulNRnB gave you the 'new' jazz funk with his Soulful House and heres the old original jazz funk flavours.

The mix includes Hubert Laws- sibling of fellow jazz/soul talents Debra, Ronnie and Eloise (imagine Xmas at their house!), a Mizell produced Donald Byrd, producer and artist Deodato, and hammond organ man Jimmy Smith. Quality funky jazz from 1 to 10.

SoulNRnB lands at the weekend and I'm back to the rare grooves next week.


Tracklist in comments.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

SoulNRnB's Soulful House 7

So, seven volumes into these comps....I shouldnt have to talk you into checking these out any more.

Please sample the excellent tunes on here that include legends like Louie Vega, Roy Ayers, the great Bah Samba, and features the Bass playing of the great Gene Perez on many tracks, one of my favourite musicians at the moment.

I hope these volumes entice Hip Hop, Funk and Jazz heads alike, as they really are the Jazz Funk tunes of the modern age IMO. Check these tunes out, then hop onto Itunes/Amazon and investigate the artists discography's!!

Grizz back next week, have a great weekend.

SoulNRnB's Soulful House Seven

Monday, 21 February 2011

Link fixed!

Apologies for broken link to last mix... now fixed!

DJ Grizz- 60's Soul Vol.8

I'm a man of my word so here's 60's Soul Volume 8. Lots of rare, sweet tunes from the roots of Soul music. The mix features our cover girl- Judy Clay, The Butlers, Ruby Andrews and an early tune from the Vibrations who went on to make one of the definitive Rare Groove tunes of the 70's 'Shake it up'.

SoulNRnB has promised some Soulful House up next and then I'll return in Jazz-Funk mode.


Tracklist in comments

Thursday, 17 February 2011

SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions 34

 Loads of new stuff to share with you lucky people, so heres a quick showing for Street Sounds 34.

As promised weve got the new tune from Musiq Soulchild which has a great 80's funky feel (Can you guess the sample?), the great Mark De Clive Lowe Feat. Sy Smith with a tribute to the much missed Tina Marie: a version of "Lovergirl", Soulful Hip Hop from Clear Soul Forces, nice RnB from RL and Latif, and a real nice soul tune from Furlan Williams.

I know Grizz said he'll be back with some 60's next week, and ill be serving up some Soulful House.

SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions 34

Monday, 14 February 2011

DJ Grizz- Lovers Rock Vol. 12

Seeing as its a day for lovers.... heres Lovers Rock Vol 12 (see what I did there?!). Something for you to get your wind n grind on to tonight if you get lucky!

The mix features Bunny Malone, One Blood, Natural Mystic, a Heatwave cover and a track that could grace any wicked rare groove compilation although done by reggae band Christine Mcnabb and the Lions.

Back next week with some 60's Soul goodies.


Tracklist in comments

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions 33

Early post this week, got loads to do at the weekend so thought I'd do this now, but dont forget to check out Grizz's Valentines mix below.

Anyhoo, Aaries. When the eff are they gonna release an LP? They have a stonking tune on this mix that is comparable to Rod Temperton "Off the Wall" era MJ, and I wanna hear more goddamn it.

Then there's Glenn Lewis. Releases one of the best LP's of the Noughties and lounges about. We want another "World outside my Window" goddamn it, one tune is not enough!!

Lucky there are young upstarts like Olivier Daysoul, Sean Rose and Brian McKnight to keep us going while we wait. Oh, its THAT Brian McKnight. Dont get me started on him!!

Tracklist in comments, Grizz back soon. Happy Valentines Day to those in love, all you single's out there dont worry. You've saved a lot of cash on cheap cards and shit. ;)

SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions 33

Monday, 7 February 2011

DJ Grizz- Valentines Soul 2011

Now you may be thinking I'm a week early with this mix but hear me out....! All you guys n girls who are planning something romantic next Monday and need the perfect background music I've taken care of that with a mix of old school soulful lovingness and given you a week to download it, burn it and cue it up for your night of courting! You see, we even think of our listeners love lives on this blog.

Love Unlimited, Norman Connors, Atlantic Starr and, of course, Barry White all feature in the Soul lovefest. Perfect for romantics and appreciaters of a good rare groove love song alike!

SoulNRnB up next, catch you soon


Tracklist in comments

Friday, 4 February 2011

SoulNRnB's Art of the Remix 2: The 80's.

The long awaited part 2 of my Remix series. Part one looked at recent times, whereas this volume concentrates on the great remixers and remixes of the 80's.

Legends like Larry Levan, Paul Simpson and Shep Pettibone all present with classic remixes of tunes from Gwen Guthrie, Change and Thelma Houston.

My favorite? The great rare Paul Simpson Remix of Slave's "Just a touch of Love", a tune we should be tired of (Only because of overplaying and sampling) given a great lease of life.

Remixes. An art form? Discuss.

Grizz back soon......

SoulNRnB's Art of the Remix 2 - The 80's