Monday, 30 May 2011

DJ Grizz- Summer Soul Mix 2011

I post this mix of rare groove 'n' soul in the hope of a glorious summer here in the UK. We are certainly due one and my shorts & flip flops need to get in that garden and burn some sausages on the BBQ before the months out.

The usual 10 songs feature again but all with a summer theme. Includes Confunkshun, Angela Winbush, Latoya Jackson and Greg Perry to get you in the mood to get outside and feel the sun on your face.

Mr S up soon and I'll return with some mellow grooves.


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Friday, 27 May 2011

RIP - Gil Scott-Heron

The great Gil Scott-Heron passed yesterday.

Scott-Heron's mix of poetry, politics, jazz, blues and soul is widely credited as helping to shape hip-hop, and gave Jazz a much needed shot in the arm in the 60's and 70's.

Scott-Heron mixed minimalistic percussion and spoken-word performances that were loaded with politics.He sometimes referred to his style as bluesology, calling himself a bluesician.
He  co-wrote and produced more than a dozen albums with jazz and funk legend Brian Jackson. The fusion of jazz, blues and soul in these albumshave been credited with influencing hip hop and neo soul.

Scott-Heronhad a troubled life, fighting an addiction to cocaine and other substances for most of his career, spending time in and out of jail on drug possession charges, and coping with being HIV positive.

But its the music he will always be remembered for.  Press play on the video above to hear the  greatness that Mr Scott Heron has produced.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions 42

 Another Edition of our Upfront mixes with some great new music.

Collette brings us her version of Erykah Badu's "Orange Moon" from the great Mama's Gun LP, Dezaray Dawn teams up with the great Marc Mac for her new single, Havana brings us some great new music from her new LP, plus cover star Joe unveils some new work. Notice there are a lot of "greats" in that paragraph!

All that without some of my favorite new tunes from Szjerdene and Ishe, and a corking remix of a Nikka Costa tune.

 Enjoy this mix, Grizz back with some Rare Groove next week.

/SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions 42

Sunday, 22 May 2011

DJ Grizz- 60's Soul Vol.10

As promised I'm back to the 60's for this latest mix with number 10 in the series. Now I know the 60's Soul genre is a bit of an acquired taste for some our dedicated followers but I'd like to think we are all about introducing you to all aspects and shades of quality Soul music on this blog as well as re-acquainting you with old friends and hosting the new.

Featuring Tammi Terrell, Jimmy Holiday, our cover man Otis Redding and Bobby Moore (thats the 60's Soul man not my West Ham football hero!) plus 6 more old soul treats.

I'm back next week in a summer rare groove mode after SoulNRnB's weekend mix.


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Friday, 20 May 2011

SoulNRnB's Time Machine - 2001

Lets take a short trip back in time for a vintage year for Soul and RnB. (10 years is a short trip?!?!)

Some absolutely corking music came out in 2001 from the likes of Bila, Jaguar Wright and Dave Hollister.....Jimmy Cozier released an under appreciated gem, which was more than the unfortunate Latrelle whose cracking Neptunes Produced LP didnt see the light of day (...but theres a track on here!).

Add to that some SERIOUS soul from Hip Hop luminaries like Hi-Tek and Da Beatminerz, and the excellent Stevie Wonder tribute from India.Arie who was a new artist at the time!!

Take a trip back to 2001 and realise that music has come a long way....unfortunately, that sometimes aint a good thing!!

Grizz back next week.

SoulNRnB's Time Machine 2001 UPDATED 21/1/12

Sunday, 15 May 2011

DJ Grizz- Soul Niceness 22

Like Mr SoulNRnB with his Street Sounds series of bang up to date mixes, my boxes of Rare Grooves and harder to find Soul are bulging at the seams so excuse me if I up the Soul Niceness quota over the coming months..... got loads to share with y'all!

Features Vicki Anderson in the guise of Momie O, an extended cut of the Flowers classic, a delicious 2stepper from Marvin Gaye plus 7 more top quality old time tracks.

I'll be back next week with some 60's goodies and, later in the month, another Summer Soul special to get those flip flops moving.


Tracklist in comments.

Friday, 13 May 2011

SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions 41

I know, another Street Sounds mix on the back of Volume 40, but there's so much new music to introduce you to that I gotta keep them coming. For those waiting for other mixes, I got my contribution to Grizz's "Uplifting Soul" series, "Modern Artists do the 80's", "Nu Soul Jazz Vol.2" and many more coming well as more of these with great stuff from the likes of Dezaray Dawn, Joe, Estelle, Ledisi and more....

In the meantime, do I really need you to download this with Mr Ray Ray Saadiq on the cover? Anthony Hamilton shares an unreleased cut of his called "So In Love" with the great Jill Scott for her new LP, Elzhi gives props to Nas, and loads of new up'n'comers.

Grizz back at the start of the week, please enjoy, and let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter or with a comment!!!

SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions 41

Monday, 9 May 2011

DJ Grizz - Soulful 80's Vol.11

Quite a few birthdays taking place in East London at this time of year. Last week the blog was two and this week yours truly is...... well lets just say most of the tracks on this mix came out just after I'd left school!!

Rene and Angela, Candela with a 80's club classic, frenchman R.O.D, and the O'Jays with a tune as high quality as their 70's stuff all feature. Also teenage keyboard prodigy Bernard 'Nard' Wright with an early track.

I'll be back with some more top notch rare groove after Mr SoulNRnB does his weekend thang.


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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Birthday Week: SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions 40

First up, a really big thank you to our friends on Facebook and Twitter that remembered us on our birthday. Much appreciated!!

Thought it would be fitting to put our 40th Street Sounds mix up to advertise whats coming your way soulfully this summer.

Loads of new artists, the like of Homeboy Sandmans great native tounges alike Hip Hop tune, Beatchild's compadre Ebrahim with a version of D'Angelo's great "Africa", as well as those that are still under some people's radar like the great Izzi Dunn.

But if your looking for established artists, can you do better than Sade, Musiq, Jill Scott and Ledisi?

Check out these guys new releases, and investigate those youve never heard of before. Grizz back after the weekend.......with I dont know what.....but its always good stuff!

SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions 40

Monday, 2 May 2011

DJ Grizz- Soul Heartbreakers

Now i'd like to think we're all about the positive on this site but sometimes we can all recognise the bad times, after all it helps us appreciate the good times even more.

Here's ten of the best old time soul tearjerkers and songs of heartbreak. Includes the falsetto of Aaron Neville, Lamont Dozier, a Teddy P classic, and the queen of the sad song, judging by her tracks in my collection, Esther Phillips. All topped off with a marvellous cover by Tony Sherman.

Thanks for all your birthday wishes, especially on Facebook, as the blog hits 2 years old. Still loads to come from the boxes of me and SoulNRnB!


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