Sunday, 25 September 2016

DJ Grizz- Change Mix

This mornings mix is a tribute to one of the early 80's best Soul-Funk Bands - Change. Beginning as an Italian Studio Band formed by producer Jacques Fred Petrus they were responsible for a string of Soul Club Classics and Funk/Disco hits from 1979 through to the mid 80's. They had collaborations with Jam & Lewis not to mention helping to launch the career of Luther Vandross who sang on their early hits.

Here's my little selection of Change favourites including Heaven of My Life, the massive Glow of Love, the great Miracles, a bass slapping monster in Paradise, a beach anthem in Lovers Holiday and ending on the club hit Searching.

SoulNRnB and DJ RidyM are never far away!

Catch you soon Mix-tapers!

Grizz- The Soul Mixtape Blog

Heaven of my life
The Glow of love
Hold tight
Take you to heaven
The very best in you
A lovers holiday

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