Thursday, 14 July 2016

SUMMER SPECIAL 2: #TheSoulMixtape Tape 12-14 as heard on Nuwaveradio

OK, Summer, at least in the UK, has not really got started. So lets give this another go. Three more ~TheSoulMixtape shows as featured on and showcasing tracks both new and old, from a range of genres of Black Music, from the 70's till today.

First up, classics from The Gap Band, Wally Badarou and Jermaine Jackson nuzzle up against Dennis Brown, Blakai and....... Liza Minelli?? Trust me, its a tune.

This one has a little tribute to one of our all time heroes, Mr Steve Arrington, as well as hip hop from Phife and Homeboy Sandman, some cool rarities and some Soulful House from Reel People.

 And Tape 14 features new music from Kaytranada, Maxwell, and Miles Bonny, alongside Sir Coxsone, Dexter Wansel, Dilla, New Sector Movement, and more. Sounds mad right? Proof is in the listening!

Ill be back in two weeks, but im sure Grizz and Ridym will have your back till then. My THIS IS RARE GROOVE 4 is currently playing on Nuwaveradio, so check it out.
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