Monday, 18 July 2016

DJ Ridym Presents - Reggae Rockers Volume 2

Going in double hard this week with numero 2 of the Reggae Rockers mix. Mixing it up from the get-go with a short intro from Japanese Jazz Funker's Jazztronik, dedicated to the Japanese crew out there that have been following this series.
Getting straight to it with Jacob Miller's keep on knocking and the no:1 roots rockers anthem of all time PROPHECY.  No sound system worth their weight in bass could declare there love for reggae and not have this speaker popping classic blessing their dance hall at the end of the session. Warning: Serious Bass alert!

Sir Coxsone gives us homeward bound followed by the classic Babylon made popular in the scene from the film 'Babylon' where JAH SHAKA plays this dub plate in a sound clash against the upcoming challenger JAH LION.

Continuing the mix with some more ear bleeding basslines before signing off  just as hard as it began with Dillinger at King Tubby's in DUB.

Next up DJ Grizz & SoulnRnB will be back to whet your soulful appetite but until then stay blessed mixtapers.

1. Jazztronik - Click Clock (Big-up Japan crew)
2. Jacob Miller - Keep On Knocking
3. Fabienne (Fabian) Mirawada - Prophecy
4. Sir Coxsone Sound - Zion Bound
5. Johnny Clarke - Babylon
6. Rebel Regulars & General Saint - Jah Love
7. Cornell Campbell & Ranking Dread - Bandulu
8. Don Carlos - Nice Time (Late Nite Blues)
9. Horace Andy - Cus Cus
10. Dillinger at King Tubby's - Dub

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