Thursday, 9 May 2013

SoulNRnB's #1 White Label

Here's this month's White Label Mix with some great music for you to try and name/discover.

Clues? OK, here goes:

1) Brand new music from a Latin maestro, and a sweet sounding soulstress.
2) Unreleased music from R&B royalty in duet form
3) Classic 80's ballad from a big voice
4) Rare 9th Wonder and a Slum Village warm up.
5) 70's soul from a legend, and jazz funk from a master.

Enjoy this white label, again feedback is more than welcome. The next White Label mix is a NOUGHTIES special with lots of rare stuff, so look forward to that in June!

Until then its Grizz with something for the weekend!

SoulNRnB's #1 White Label
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