Wednesday, 22 May 2013

SoulNRnB's RnB

Commercial RnB. Back in the day it conjured up thoughts of breezy danceable tunes and sample heavy steppers, all laced with some decent soulful vocals. Tunes that will get you nodding your head in the car or the club. Nothing groundbreaking, just good music. Artists like Donell Jones, Faith Evans, Carl Thomas, Kenny Lattimore; Groups like Koffee Brown, Allure and more.

Sadly, Commercial RnB today means an auto tuner and a house beat.

So this is a throwback mix to some of that good old RnB from the 90's onwards. I've purposely steered clear of all the tunes you all know and love; I've picked out some rare stuff that you may not know, but still has that RnB feel that's missing today.

Check out the tracklist for more info. Im off to sunny (I hope) Mexico next week, but will make sure there's a White Label Mix to enjoy till I get back. Grizz: Make sure you turn off the lights and make sure the gas is off before you leave!

SoulNRnB's RnB
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