Sunday, 19 May 2013

DJ Grizz- Bill Withers Mix

Time for another artist mix and this time a true singer/song-writing god- Bill Withers. Although found under the label of 'Soul' in your record shop he is an artist that transcends genre and appreciated by music lovers of all shades (even my old rocker dad would think nothing of putting on a Bill L.P).

Twelve of my best loved Withers tracks here (coulda picked 20!!) although a few of the more recognizable ones maybe missing they are all gems. Starts with the funky 'Kissing my love', then a Crusaders collaboration, some heart wrenchers like Heartbreak Road, Can We Pretend (ft Jose Feliciano), I'm Her Daddy, then Lovely Day- of course (a bit obvious maybe but never fails to lift me...ever), next- In the Name of Love -with Ralph MacDonald, and sublime but different tracks in Make a Smile For Me and Grandmas Hands to finish.

Mr S next before I get all New-Funk on you next week. 

Kissing my love
Soul shadows
World keeps going round
Heartbreak road
Can we pretend
I’m her daddy
I don’t know
Best you can
Lovely day
In the name of love
Make a smile for me
Grandmas hands

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