Thursday, 17 November 2011

SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions 68

A first; an artist graces our street sounds mixes for a second time. And with good reason. Weve heard alot from Anthony Hamilton over the last few months, nary a mix goes by without his inclusion. But the track featured on this mix is the first recognised single of his forthcoming new LP and its called "Woo" and its great. He has said that previous tunes released will not feature on said LP, so make sure youve heard them on our mixes!

In addition we have more RnB from Carl Thomas and the Gap Bands own Charlie Wilson, some great Jazz from the UK own's Zara McFarlane who has a new LP out now, plus hip hop US style from Proh Mic and UK style from Ms Dynamite. All topped off with the new joint from one of our faves, Jose James.

More new music next week, then a shed load of specials for Xmas and the New Year including Top 10's of this year and the 70's, Rare as Rocking Horse......2, and an Xmas mega pack of Street Sounds Mixes including those previously removed.

Grizz back in full flow next week.


Yet another takedown notice, this time from Anthony Hamilton's people. Isn't listening to our mixes like listening to the radio?? Am I missing something?

Ah what the hell, its Xmas. REUPPED: SoulNRnB's Street Sounds Sessions 68
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