Friday, 20 May 2011

SoulNRnB's Time Machine - 2001

Lets take a short trip back in time for a vintage year for Soul and RnB. (10 years is a short trip?!?!)

Some absolutely corking music came out in 2001 from the likes of Bila, Jaguar Wright and Dave Hollister.....Jimmy Cozier released an under appreciated gem, which was more than the unfortunate Latrelle whose cracking Neptunes Produced LP didnt see the light of day (...but theres a track on here!).

Add to that some SERIOUS soul from Hip Hop luminaries like Hi-Tek and Da Beatminerz, and the excellent Stevie Wonder tribute from India.Arie who was a new artist at the time!!

Take a trip back to 2001 and realise that music has come a long way....unfortunately, that sometimes aint a good thing!!

Grizz back next week.

SoulNRnB's Time Machine 2001 UPDATED 21/1/12
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