Friday, 27 May 2011

RIP - Gil Scott-Heron

The great Gil Scott-Heron passed yesterday.

Scott-Heron's mix of poetry, politics, jazz, blues and soul is widely credited as helping to shape hip-hop, and gave Jazz a much needed shot in the arm in the 60's and 70's.

Scott-Heron mixed minimalistic percussion and spoken-word performances that were loaded with politics.He sometimes referred to his style as bluesology, calling himself a bluesician.
He  co-wrote and produced more than a dozen albums with jazz and funk legend Brian Jackson. The fusion of jazz, blues and soul in these albumshave been credited with influencing hip hop and neo soul.

Scott-Heronhad a troubled life, fighting an addiction to cocaine and other substances for most of his career, spending time in and out of jail on drug possession charges, and coping with being HIV positive.

But its the music he will always be remembered for.  Press play on the video above to hear the  greatness that Mr Scott Heron has produced.
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