Friday, 20 August 2010

SoulNRnB's............................. end of the Blues!

Back in the day, at one of those Blues parties I ended up at on a Saturday night that lasted to early Sunday morning in some nameless tower block, there would always come that time when things would wind down.

The dance tunes played, the Reggae over, the rare groove/boogie tunes coming to an end and the slow tunes coming up. Time to find a girl to dance with quick, or stand in the corner nursing the last of the Tenants Super!!

This mix hopes to replicate that exact moment when the dancers slowed down to 2 step, then down to mellow grooves.......If you were there, you know what I'm on about!! If not, just enjoy!!
This one goes out to Rehab (Check the ladies blog out, very good) for her forthcoming birthday party!
Tracklist in comments.
Grizz back with you after his weekend away all refreshed, and Ill be back next week with not one, but TWO Street sounds comps for the long Bank Holiday (at least here in the UK!) weekend.
SoulNRnB's...............end of the Blues!
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