Friday, 9 March 2018

SoulNRnB's 80s UK Pirate Radio Show on Nuwaveradio

Driving around the UK in the 80's consisted of a driver and somebody tuning the car radio in to the local Pirate Radio station to hear the tracks radio just wouldn't play. Wether it be Kiss FM, Horizon Radio, LWR, Solar..... you would catch the latest Soul, Funk and Boogie joints straight from the Vinyl importers.

Of course, if you were lucky enough to live near some Pirate Broadcasters (and that was tough, cause they constantly moved around to avoid the police) you could always record shows to play on your Walkman, impress friends, and hopefully get the name of the tune in case you could afford to buy it at Groove Records or Bluebird etc

In any case, as Giles Peterson describes at the beginning of this mix,  Pirate radio was sometimes the only way you could hear tunes like the ones played in this show, and we were thankful. Check out the description in the mix on how the stations used to be run and what was involved in keeping them running. And the only payment was the love of this music.

This mix aims to take you back to those days, complete with the tracks you would catch on there whilst out and about, in the two days of summer in the UK.

Check back for Grizz and Ridym here soon, and a bit of trivia: The band singing the Jingles of some of those stations mentioned above that are on this mix are the UK's own The Cool Notes.

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