Wednesday, 25 June 2014

SoulNRnB Presents: 1979

Another edition of #TheSoulMixtape SoulNRnB presents mixes, this time taking you back to 1979. The Disco fashion was coming to an end, and Soul music was on the cusp of moving to more electronic sounds. Hip Hop was an emerging force, but Soulful music was everywhere. Can you imagine a track like The Crusaders "Street Life" hitting the charts today? Well it did big time back in '79.

Big name stormers from Phyllis Hyman, The Crusaders and Stephanie Mills mix with underground faves from Bobby Womack, Spleandor and Teramusa Hino.

Grizz back at the weekend (Looks like we swapped places this week with him posting a modern mix and me going back!) and ill be back next week.

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