Sunday, 6 January 2013

DJ Grizz- New Funk 11

Welcome to 2013 and as its a new year here's a New Funk mix- Volume 11, full of those good old funk sounds from new bands.

As if to show how global this sound is we have offerings from all round the world. We have the Netherlands- Soulsnatchers. From Germany Rachel & the Soul Criminals, a Northern Soul inspired Floorettes, and Soulstaff (although being a late 90's cut not technically that new!). Australia produce yet another quality funk band in Deep Street Soul. The USA gives us The Funk Ark and the always excellant Expressions. Last but not least our own UK has Funkshone, The Soul Immigrants and some disco-funk from Los Charlys Orchestra.

Mr S is back from his travels next week and I'll return in a rare groove vein. 



The Soulsnatchers ft Jimi Bellmartin- Who am I
The Floorettes- Witchcraft
Rachel & the Soul Criminals- Do your worst
Funkshone- Purification
Deep Street Soul- Hold on me
Soulstaff ft Fred Wesley- Set my soul free
The Soul Immigrants- The Ghetto
Los Charlys Orchestra- The Funk Inspector
The Funk ark- A blade won’t cut another blade
The Expressions- These moments

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