Sunday, 9 September 2012

DJ Grizz- New Funk Special, The Baker Brothers

Evening mixtapers and as the week and the UK summer draw to a close its time for another New Funk installment, this week ten top tunes from The Baker Brothers band.

Now I know recent New Funk mixes have met with the wrath of the 'Copyright Police' but a plea if if I may...! All the music on this site, old and new, is in mix form, put there from our own collections to be enjoyed by like minded Soul lovers. If my experience is right the music lovers/crate diggers/beat collecters who frequent here are very likely to go out and source an original, full copy of the stuff they really like so taking the mix down seems like an own goal to us (and being a West Ham fan I'm familier with those).

Enough soapboxing- on with the music. The Baker Brothers are one of my favourite upfront bands who champion those old Soul/Jazz/Funk grooves we love on this blog. Hailing from the South of England the Brothers can be tracked down gigging round the UK, Europe and Japan and any band that can get the Average White Bands Hamish Stuart to guest on their tracks are OK by me!!

Back to the rare grooves next week after SoulNRnB does his midweek stuff.


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