Sunday, 15 July 2012

DJ Grizz- New Funk Vol.10

Morning Guys n Gals and welcome to the tenth edition of New Funk. 10 more cuts from new bands who like to give us the music as it it should be raw, funky & played on instruments!

Features The Haggis Horns representing Scottish funk, Binky Griptite from the Dapkings does his thing, some acid jazz tinged soul-funk from the 90's from The Max, & finishes with 2 cool covers- The Impellers funk up some rock and The Dynamics reggae up some funk! Enjoy!!

SoulNRnB up soon with all that bang up to date goodness and I'll catch you old soul fans next week!


Tracklist in comments
UPDATE- Thanks for the heads up- but appears link keeps getting taken down/interfered with. I've uploaded it once again but apologies if doesn't stay up for long!
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