Monday, 2 July 2012

DJ Grizz - Acid Jazz mix

Morning mixtapers and welcome back to another Monday mix. This week its an Acid Jazz special.

Acid Jazz was primarily a music label started in the late 80's by DJ's Eddie Pillar & Giles Peterson that featured new bands who favoured the old Jazz Funk/Soul Jazz sounds. It did however also spawn a music genre that kept alive that 70's and early 80's Funk/Jazz sound. Although in my opinion it lost its way later in the 90's when it took a more trip hop/electronic direction there's no disputing it brought us some real Soul and Jazz Funk nuggets in the late 80's and early 90's.

The mix features Japans United Future Org., Izits take on the Chakaras classic, acid jazz founders JTQ & Brand New Heavies, Mother Earth (apparantly I was at school with the drummer!?), and topped off with 2 theme tune covers from Snowboy and Sunchaser.

Back to the rare grooves next after the SoulNRnB end of week contribution.


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