Thursday, 7 June 2012

SoulNRnB's Gems - The 70's


Number 2 in my gems series, thanks for making number 1 such a success. There will definately be more of these! 

So, back to the 70's this time. Real instruments, soulful arrangements, and bloody great melodies. This is one of my favorite mixes Ive done in a while and I hope you think the same. I love all these tunes, tried to stay away from the obvious, and selected for the quality!

Its hard to pick the pick of the bunch (they are all great tunes!), but here are a few name checks; Dionne Warwicks great version of "Move me no mountain"; Starship Orchestra channels Rotary Connection with "Yesterday"; Lonette Mckee pre dates 4Hero with a tune that sounds like it just came offa their PLAY WITH THE CHANGES LP, the classic "Maybe there's a reason"; Plus the best version of "Everybody loves the sunshine" ever made, by Ramp.

Seriously, so much more, all real great tunes. Download, check them out, and if you haven't heardof an artist before........explore!

More niceness from Grizz on Monday, Ill be back to the  upfront tunes next week.

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