Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Artists - The Jacksons (Jackson 5)

So Grizz gives you an absolutely corking Donald Byrd mix this week, and I wanna give you a mix by a well known band who you may overlook as "the band that did ABC" or "Michael Jackson's group".

The Jacksons have produced some absolute soul classics in their day. I could go into the bands history, but that has been sorted through over and over again through the years.

So ill just give my opinion:

1) Michael Jacksons voice never sounded better than on these tunes.
2) Some soul masters worked on these tracks including Gamble & Huff, the Motown production line, Stevie Wonder and more.
3) Unlike most "boy bands" today, these guys could all sing, play instruments and write a tune.
4) Hearing "Buttercup" on this mix makes me wish Motown would release the work Michael and the guys did with Stevie Wonder in its entirety.

Take a listen t this mix and see what I mean. It includes some rare versions (including a mix of mine), as well as a lot of Soul.

Grizz back Monday, ill be back with something new again.

The Artists - The Jacksons

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