Sunday, 2 October 2011

DJ Grizz- 60's Soul Vol.12

Welcome back for another installment of music from the origins of Soul!

Ten tunes including an early one from 70's rare groove man Chuck Jackson, The Royalettes original recording of a well known tune, Arthur Prysock covers a classic 1st written in the 1930's, and topped off with our featured poster group- The Impressions.

Just to re-iterate what SoulNRnB said on his last post, the downloads on this site are mixes not the individual tracks/LP's! We have spent literally decades of 'crate diggin', visiting record shops/fairs, online dealers etc to hunt down this music and the mixes are there for like minded people to enjoy, inform, use in their own right and hopefully promote/expose the artist/tracks to our fellow 'mixtapers'. It would appear to us - counterproductive for companies to have them taken down!!? Rant over! :)

I'll be back next week with the 1st in our series of artist specials!


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