Thursday, 25 March 2010

SoulNRnB's Disco Soul

OK, so Grizz goes and strays into modern territory with his New Funk Special (Check it out BTW) and so I go and stray into an area he knows all too well. DISCO.

Not that cheesy, cowbell ringing stuff, but the Soulful stuff that made people want to dance and sing back in the day. Listening to this shows you where the influences for most of todays Soulful House tunes came from.

So, forget about Boney M and the like and give this mix a go. A great version of Ashford and Simpsons "Bourgie Bourgie" (Made famous by Gladys Knight), a classic tune from the Salsoul Orchestra and the great NYCC with "Ill Keep a light in my Window" and much more.

Im hoping that Grizz will take up the mantle and give you a Volume 2 of his own as there are many many nuggets stored up in that mans crates!!

Tracklist in Comments

Some new stuff from me next week, then something special the week after. Till then, Grizz will keep you satisfied!!
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