Friday, 19 March 2010

Introducing...............Maria Bentley.

Special post this weekend!

Got an email regarding a new UK artist asking me to check out some tunes.

Now, this blog is all about helping new artists, especially from the UK, but the music's GOTTA HAVE SOUL. So...took a listen, and let me tell you, I was mighty suprised.

5 top tunes, full of soul, Maria's vocals reminiscent of a more soulful Macy Gray.
"Back to me" bounces on a jazz/soul groove whilst "Do you think of me" rides on Gene Harris' "Latin Funk Love Song". "Dont wanna Talk" and "Fallouthematics" are nice mid tempo soul tunes.

So, decided to put up a special post for you all to check out with the lady's blessing, see what you think. Comments appreciated, and understand, these are demo's (Unfinished masters) so allow some of the raw production qualities.

Maria is performing live next on March 28th UKSoulJam Easter Special at Jazzcafe, London, UK.

More info on this gig is on:

GiG Info

Heres Maria's tunes. Enjoy and comment!

Introducing.......Maria Bentley
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