Monday, 29 March 2010

DJ Grizz- Disco Soul part 2

OK, I know I'm posting on a Monday again but I've no work today! So... seemed a good time to share some soul, then have a big fried breakfast, jump in the motor and off to do some vinyl diggin' in the record shops of London! Thats what passes for a perfect day in my book!!

Following on from Mr SoulNRnB's suggestion I've dug up some of that soulful boogie/disco stuff myself to give you 'Disco Soul part 2'. No Bee Gees here though, these are all bone fide heavy underground soul club 'get down' boogie tunes from back in the day.

The mix features amongst others- The Players Association, Samona Cooke (daughter of soul legend Sam) covering the Real Thing, and Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes as no disco soul section would be complete without some Phillidelphia Records offering.

SoulNRnB's back at the weekend with some upfront gold and I'll return next week with some quality 60's movers 'n' shakers.


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