Saturday, 17 October 2009

Marc Mac - SoulNnB's Great Producers 3

Marc Mac, one half of the great 4 Hero with partner in crime Dego, is in my opinion one of the best producers the UK has produced.

Musician, Remixer, producer and DJ (The man can select a tune let me tell you...) Marc famously helped start the Broken Beat sound in the Early 90's with 4 hero, but really caught my attention with thier LP Two Pages which was a soul/jazz lovers dream.

4 Hero have been very successful with subsequent LP's and have always suprised. Thier new LP for example, are versions of thier songs performed by current Jazz/Soul artists. Never a cheap remix LP for them.

Marc has produced and remixed some absolute gems too, as well as releasing some LP's under his own name and producing a great LP by the Visioneers.

This mix is a showcase for this man's talents, lite on the 4 Hero (As you should have those LP's already!) but will hopefully get you investigating the man and his output.

Even though young in age, Marc has already become one of my greatest producers.

Tracklist in Comments.

Mr Grizz will chime in with the next update, but Im hoping to have something special next week. SoulNRnB's Soul Show LIVE.
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