Saturday, 26 September 2009

Kashif - SoulNRnB's Great Producers

As promised, first in a long series of producers/songwriters/artists that deserve a spotlight on thier work and much recognition. Ill be going back to the 70's right up to the present day. DJ Grizz selected the Mizell Brothers a while back, so I'm moving on to the 80's.

This ones close to my heart, as it really opened my eyes to the fact there was good music out there that didnt reside in the pop charts, or in this case, wasnt even released in the UK at the time.

I had heared some of Kashif's work on the Melba Moore LP's and when I found out he had released an LP of his own I was ecstatic. Only problem was, the LP wasnt for sale in any local record shops. In the end I travelled to Dalston Junction, to a specialist store, and paid top dollar for the LP that started my real obsession with black music. Yes there was Stevie and Michael and Marvin etc etc....but without me hunting down the Kashif LP, I wouldnt have discovered all those wonderful artists in the years after that didnt get a wide release.

As for Kashif, there was a period in the early 80's that I believe he was the Don. he helped pioneer the use of the Moog and Synclavier, wrote great songs, and had a distinctive sound of his own. This LP, along with the Howard Johnson LP that he worked on, were staples of my youth. Have to mention Paul Laurence Jones too, as he worked together with kashif on some tunes and was a great producer himself. Who knows, maybe Ill dig out a selection for him too!

Great Producers Kashif - LINK UPDATED

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