Friday, 8 May 2009

DJ Grizz Presents; Mo' soul Niceness

The 2nd mix from DJ Grizz choc full of old Soul n' Rare goodies... fill yer boots and stay tuned for a Dancefloor Jazz special coming soon!

1. Perry and Sanlin- Off Your Love
2. Chameleon- The Game of Life
3. Teena Marie- You Make Love Like Springtime
4. Charles Earland- From My Heart to Yours
5. Build an Ark- Always There
6. Soul brothers six- I’ll be Loving You
7. Marie Pierre - Can’t Go Through With Life
8. Artistics- Its Those Little Things That Count
9. Dolly Gillmore- Sweet Sweet Baby
10. Debbie Cameron- Gimmee Gimmee
11. Dottie Pearson- Bring it Over Baby
12. Bonnie Pointer- Free Me From My Freedom
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