Tuesday, 19 May 2009

DJ GRIZZ Late Night House Party Mix

Grizz is back with some more rareness that you can just put on and get lost in that well known house party sound from back in the day!
So grab a can of Tennents extra, get your back up against the wall, turn the central heating up to 20 and get listening to the rare grooves and downtempo Choons! (That will probably all be gibberish to our Non-UK visitors...!)

Tracklist in Comments section, please let Grizz know what you think!


"This mix is for all those people who can remember all them house parties from ‘back in the day’. Occasionally held in local community halls where the caretaker turned a blind eye to the late late finish but , for the most part, usually held in some London Council Flat with almost all the furniture and sometimes even the carpets removed!

As the night wore on and the reggae DJs wound up it was time for the Rare Groove specialists to hit the decks. People got their ‘2step’ on and couples ‘Bumped n Grind’. See if these tunes jog your memories……

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