Sunday, 15 October 2017

Dj Grizz- Cameo Mix

Today we feature an 80's Soul Supergroup - it's Larry 'Codpiece' Blackman and the boys.... Cameo! From their early 70's start as a big band Funk outfit through to their 80's electro-funk they had a string of big hits throughout the 1980's. Heres a selection of their best in my humble opinion.

We start the Cameo-fest with a version of the Slave funk hit, there's the much covered original of Word Up, of course we have the tune that starts a formation dance frenzy at any party its played at- Candy, we've a Jazz Funk tinged Sound Table from the late 70's and end on a Rare Groove monster in Love You Anyway.... plus more from Larry and the gang!

Have a Funky week mixtapers!

Grizz- The Soul Mixtape Blog

Word up
Shes Strange
Single life
Soul Army
Back and forth
The Sound Table
Love you anyway
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