Sunday, 12 February 2017

DJ Ridym - Lovers Rock 4

Valentines is the theme for the latest installment of my Lovers Rock mix and we get straight into it with Lefty Bantons you are my lady followed by a Lovers Rock version of Denise Williams soul classic cos you love me baby. We also have popular Lovers Rock & Soul legend sound system Sir Lloyd producing Gilroy Sidden's you've changed, good to see the sound still going strong these days keep it up lads!
Dennis Brown and Aswad who coincidently collaborated on the sound clash special promised land which will feature in my upcoming clash mix but enough said about that you'll just have to keep checking the blog for it 😉

That's all from me until next time mixtapers have a very happy Valentines from us here at the Soulmixtape and remember if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with! Peace

1. Lefty Banton - You Are My Lady
2. Paulette Tajah - Cos You Love Me Baby
3. Private Collection - Direction
4. Sir Lloyd And Gilroy Sidden - Youve Changed
5. Bashera - Men Cry Too
6. Vivian Jones And Deborahe Glasgow - The First
7. Mike Anthony - Walk Away From Love
8. The Undivided Roots Band - Party Night
9. Dennis Brown - Someone Special
10. Aswad - Back to Africa
11. Caroll Campbell - Between Me And You
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