Sunday, 5 February 2017

DJ Grizz- The SOS Band

Morning Mixtapers and today another mix from a band from yesteryear that many of us grew up dancing and listening to ... its The SOS Band. On the Tabu Record label they were massive on the 80's Soul/Dance Charts especially after later teaming up with legendary producers Jam and Lewis. Here's a few of their 'Finest' hits (see what I did there?).

We start with their 1st big hit in Take your Time Do It Right from 1980, we've mid tempo goodness in Groovin' (that's what we're doing), dance floor classics like High Hopes and timeless favourites like Weekend Girl and Just Be Good To Me!

Back real soon!

Grizz- The Soul Mixtape Blog

Take your time do it right
The Finest
Just the way you like it
High Hopes
Take love where u find it
No-ones gonna love you
Weekend girl
Just be good to me
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