Saturday, 27 August 2016

DJ Ridym - Reggae Rockers 3 Reggae Got Funk

Welcome mix tapers to another Reggae Rockers exclusive mix with some nice funky baselines for your listening ears.

Kicking it off with some funky dub from Dennis Brown and Niney the Observer nicknamed Niney on account of him missing a digit but that didn't stop him being one of the best dub producers in the game back in the day. Imagine what he could have done if he had his thumb?! 

Continuing with dub versions of some funk classics such as Carl Bradney's version of War - Slipping Into Darkness and 'westbound train' with an intro at the beginning that has you wondering 'where have I heard that riff before?.. Al Green - Love and happiness, that's it!' It's sampling before it was even invented the ole fashioned way when you just straight out played it. Nice lol 

I sign off the mix with three reggae gems and one dub foundation tune that's bound to get your head bobbing and your speakers popping again courtesy of the mighty Burning Spear.

Enjoy your bank holiday weekend and don't worry if you can't make it to the Notting Hill Carnival as you have DJ Grizz coming up next with even more reggae niceness you lucky lucky people :) 

Peace - DJ Ridym

1. The Observers - Sir Niney's Rock 
2. Dennis Brown - Give A Helping Hand 
3. King Tubby & Delroy Wilson - Get Ready For The Master Dub
4. Carl Bradney - Slipping Into Darkness
5. Jacob Miller - Westbound Train
6. Norma White - I Want Your Love 
7. Carl Murphy - Lick I Pipe
8. Horace Andy - Mr Bassie
9. Dennis Brown - Some Like It Hot
10. Burning Spear - Black Wadada

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