Sunday, 24 January 2016

DJ Grizz- The Isley Brothers

Todays treat is a retrospective of one of the longest serving bands in Soul music (or any music come to that) The Isley Brothers. Starting in the mid 50's right up until recent years the group and its members have been putting out some quality music! This is a somewhat personal choice of my favourites, mainly from their 70's catalogue, so apologies if i missed yours.

We start with the original of the often covered Work To Do, then there is their version of the Bob Dylan hit Lay Lady Lay, theres a track familier to all sample devotees in Footsteps In The Dark, theres some fine examples of the craft of ballad making including Living For The Love Of You and At The Best You Are Love (again known for its 90's 'RnB' cover) and we end on a groove from 1972 in Lay Away.

Back next week for some Niceness!

Grizz- The Soul Mixtape Blog
 1- Work to do
2- Lay lady lay
3- Footsteps in the dark
4- If you were there
5- Make me say it again girl
6- Living for the love of you
7- At your best you are love
8- Love put me in the corner
9- Lay away

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