Sunday, 13 September 2015

DJ Grizz- Soul Niceness 99

Soul Niceness hits 99 mixes so have some Soul n Rare Groove with a flake in it!

The mix begins with a Rare Groove nugget from Pure Pleasure, Ann Sexton funks it up, theres a Jean Carne dancefloor monster, Ace Spectrum cover the Isleys, and the treat is topped with Gabor Szabo and Bobby Womack with their original version of Breezin' from '71.... plus a whole lot more to get your Soul teeth into!

Back with something funky next week after SoulNRnB does his thing.

Grizz- The Soul Mixtape Blog
Pure Pleasure- By my side
Ann Sexton- You been gone too long
Al Wilson- Fifty Fifty
Turner Brothers- Sweetest thing in the world
Jean Carne- If you wanna go back
Herbie Hancock- Getting to the good part
Ace Spectrum- If you were there
Eloise Scott- Broadway love
Gabor Szabo- Breezin’

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