Wednesday, 28 May 2014

SoulNRnB Presents: 1985

1985 was a stellar year for soul music. Ive not even touched on all the great songs released that year. Safe to say, ive picked a few of my favorites, popular and underground, and fit them onto this snapshot "Presents" mix.

The quality includes: Classics from Luther, Bernard Wright and the System; A Patrick Moten written/produced classic for Chapter 8; Mid tempo goodness from Kashif/Paul Laurence protege Lilo Thomas; Curtis Hairston on a BB&Q Classic; Nick Martinelli remix of a Bass-tastic Change classic; Flyte Tyme in the house for Patti Austin's sublime "Only a breath away, plus so much more.

Take a trip back in time until Grizz returns at the weekend with his own De'Lorean.

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