Wednesday, 25 September 2013

SoulNRnB's Rare Groove Volume 2

Volume 2 of my Rare Groove and steppers mixes. Time to dust off a selection of less obvious soul classics from the 70's and 80's.

Some real gems here, check the tracklist:

1.Googie & Tom Coppola - Family of Man
2.Patryce Choc'let Banks - Im in Love
3.Tomorrow's Edition - A song for everyone
4.Alfie Silas - Let me be the Love
5.Nature's Divine - Success
6.Haze - Love Rhyme
7.The McCrays - Isnt it deep
8.Scherrie and Susaye - Your sweet love
9.Alice Clark - Never did I stop loving you

Don't let the fact that you've not heard some of these before hold you back from giving it a listen. Discover good music!!!

I'm back with new music next week, keep checking the Mixcloud account for older mixes I upload from time to time. Until I see you next, Its DJ Grizz.

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