Sunday, 11 August 2013

DJ Grizz - Slave Mix

Time for an artist mix from a band that features a lot on this blog -the sublime Ohio funksters Slave. Slaves tracks formed a large part of my soundtrack growing up in the late 70's and early 80's with one of their mixtapes never far from my 'ghetto blaster' (try taking one of them on the Central Line!) or car tape player. I even saw them live as an 18 year old at Hammersmith in 1984 (if my memory serve me right) and they had bass lines to kill!!!

10 tunes including Slide, Party Lights, Are you Ready For Love, Wait For Me, and a funk 'ballad' in Starting Over. Seeing as I left out monsters like Snapshot, Dreamin' and Just a Touch theres even plenty of room for a part 2!

Back in a week with more Soul Niceness- Mr S up soon!


You & me
Love me
Party Lights
Feel my love
Steppin’ out
The way you love is heaven
Are you ready for love
Wait for me
Starting Over

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