Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Soul Mixtape's #RequestLine

So we asked our Twitter and Facebook friends and followers to select some songs to feature on a mix as an experiment and you came up with something a bit special in my opinion. The problem was always going to be the diversity of styles and finding a common thread in the mix, so if that's lacking, its my bad.

Where there is no doubt is in the quality of the selections; Some suggested artists or producers rather than songs and I took the liberty of selecting a track. For example, @twaynamayne wanted something from producer ARIF MARDIN, and I selected a rare and soulful Chaka Khan stepper; @Bassheaddred selected a tune from Positive Flow we had already featured, so I selected another tune from the same LP; Ditto @elliotworldwide choice of an Anthony Hamilton tune; And @FunkyMusak just wanted something from producer/artist Leroy Burgess, so I chose again.

Hope you enjoy the mix, by our friends for our friends, and maybe we will try it again sometime this year? What you think?

The Soul Mixtape's #RequestLine
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