Thursday, 28 February 2013

A SoulNRnB K-Tel Mix - Butterflies

Whilst crate digging for tunes for another mix, i came across three tunes in a row that centered around the butterfly, including the excellent ballad from Bilal's new LP that features one Robert Glasper. Digging deeper I found that there were many songs that were based around the creature and decided to let that be the theme of this K-Tel mix.

Some absolute belters here, and stylistically we run the gamut of soul, jazz funk, house and boogie...... Just check out the artists featured:

3.Natalie Williams
4.Greg Diamonds Bionic Boogie
5.Kimiko Kasai Feat. Herbie Hancock
6.Monday Mirchu
7.MAW Feat Patti Austin
9.Sounds of Blackness
10.Eddie Henderson

Enjoy this random mix, I'm back with more upfront music for you next week.

A SoulNRnB K-Tel Mix - Butterflies
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