Wednesday, 15 August 2012

SoulNRnB's White Label

Back in the 80's I went down to London's West End and partied at the famous Wag Club. This club had different areas with different DJ's playing anything from Jazz to Funk to Soul.

One of the DJ's was playing a consistently good set, with tunes I hadnt even heard before. But when I tried to sneak a peek at the record labels to find out what these great tunes were, he'd covered them up with White Label's.

I had to put in considerable time and effort tracking down these tunes, in fact, there are still some that I haven't heard since or know who they are. The mystery adds some real great listening as there are no expectations of what your going to hear or what to expect.

So this mix is my equivalent. All you need to know are there are no boundaries. Not time (Tunes range from 70's to present), not genre, not nothing. I just guarantee soulful music and hopefully a few tracks you didnt know existed. I hope this is a fun way to get your soul fix, and leave me some comments if you think you know all the tunes.

Im posting early this week as I have a busy few days coming up, so see you in over a week. Grizz will keep you company in the meantime.

NO TRACKLIST!!! (So dont look for it!)

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