Thursday, 9 December 2010

SoulNRnB's Time Machine 1983

Im gonna do a few of these, but out of them all this is probably the year I remember most fondly musically. As a young man I couldn't afford to buy the latest 12" (I would have to save 3 weeks for one!) so would record my tunes off the radio from shows hosted by the likes of Robbie Vincent, Greg Edwards, the original Kiss FM and other Pirate Radio stations. I would covet those TDK, Memorex and Denon cassette's let me tell you.

Sometimes I wouldn't even know the name of the song or the artist (As the DJ wouldnt mention those un-important things at times) and finding out in the days before the internet was a task. Music discussions with a fellow soul music fan was always the remedy, and an escape from New Romantics, Cross dressing pop bands, and blokes with shuttlecocks down thier pants.

This mix is like one of my long lost cassettes found at the back of a drawer. Although we've heard some of the tunes a very many times, to me they remind me of those early years discovering soul music for the first time......

Next up - First of my Xmas specials. They are absolutely on fire, and the one im gonna post Xmas week is one of my favourite selections Ive done since contributing to the blog! Grizz has got some Xmas niceness coming up to so stay with us over the holidays!

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