Thursday, 23 December 2010

SoulNRnB & Grizz Present: The Rare as Rocking Horse Poo Mixes.

So, here's the big one this Xmas.

Both Grizz and I have produced mixes that highlight tracks that are super SUPER rare. Grizz's mix is old school, mine more up to date.

Heres what Grizz has to say about his mix:

"Merry Christmas to all our Soul Mixtape downloaders and from my sack i've pulled
a 'digging deep' special. I've dug that little bit deeper in my
boxes and mixed some harder to find quality 70's and 80's Soul nuggets for you.

The mix includes Ronnie Mcnier, Collins and Collins, Gene Harris and much more.

See you in the New Year"

As for me, my mix is one hours worth of unreleased material, rare remixes, and hard to find tracks by the likes of Raphael Saadiq, Earth, Wind & Fire Feat. Musiq, 4Hero, Jamiroquai, Common, and many more. Look at the tracklists and marvel.......its our Xmas present to you lot!

Have a great Xmas (or whatever holiday your celebrating) and a happy new year to you and yours from the Soul Mixtape.

Ill be back with best tunes of 2010 and best LP's of the year too.

Grizz's Rare as Rocking Horse Poo Mix

SoulNRnB 's Rare as Rocking Horse Poo Mix

Check the tracklists out!!
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